Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod

Babyrun – Baby Needs Store Bacolod


Babyrun Baby Needs Store in Bacolod

Babyrun at 888 Chinatown Premier Mall is your baby needs store for hard-to-find baby items in Bacolod.

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod
Babyrun is a Bacolod baby needs store located at the 2nd floor of 888 Chinatown Premier mall.
Note: This is a Bacolod store feature.

In Bacolod, our go-to place for a baby needs store is the mall. But sometimes, the mall department store is too limiting, as it only carries a few brands or mostly the brand that the mall also owns. Thankfully, we now have Babyrun.

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod
Babyrun store at 888 Chinatown Premier.

That is just how Babyrun — the new baby needs store here in Bacolod — completes the picture for the finicky mommy.

Specialty Baby Needs

For our babies, we only want what’s best for them. Plus, there are some moms or babies who are pickier than most. Yeah, I know, motherhood can be pretty tricky. So there are items that your children need but they are not available here in Bacolod. You have only seen them in online stores and sometimes they are not readily available.

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod
Specialized and branded baby needs available at Babyrun.

You will be happy to know that Babyrun, a specialty baby needs store, has opened a shop here in Bacolod late last year. They aim to offer all the baby stuff you need that are not readily available in our local stores. If you want something and they don’t carry it yet, you may ask them if they can source it out for you.

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod - cloth diapers
Cloth diapers and cloth books at Babyrun.

Babyrun carries different brands of imported baby bottles, baby bibs, cloth diapers, training pants, nursing pads, diaper bags, clothes, baby baskets, swaddling wraps, cute hair accessories for baby girls and shoes. You will find a lot of diverse products around here, including the Snail brand of washable nail polish for little girls.

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod - Snails washable nail polish
Snails washable nail polish for little girls are available in Bacolod only at Babyrun.

Educational Wooden Toys

Babyrun has the most extensive collection of educational wooden toys here in Bacolod. They have wooden toys for babies, to toddlers, to preschoolers, and even for older kids.

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod - wooden educational toys
There are parents who prefer to give their children wooden educational toys because there is a nostalgic feel to them. Check the assortment at Babyrun.

These wooden toys are imported and of high quality. But thankfully, they are reasonably priced at Babyrun. These are great collectibles for your playroom and wonderful gifts as well.

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod - wooden educational toys
Wooden educations toys at Babyrun are plenty and for kids of all ages.

Babyrun Toy of the Week

At Babyrun, they have what they call the Toy of the Week. It is the single toy or toy set that is displayed in their play area that visiting kids can try out or just play with as they visit the store. There can be more than one, depending on the stocks available on hand.

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod - toy of the week
Babyrun Toy of the week is for sale with a 10% discount.

If a customer likes the toy or toys, they can buy it and get a 10% off the tag price. It’s a good deal because the items are still good as new and come in their original packaging.

Babyrun Mealtime Essentials

Mealtimes are always made fun when you have utensils and dining wares that are fun, colorful, and interesting. And Babyrun just has a lot of these, including feeding sets for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod - bento box essentials
Some of the bento box essentials available at Babyrun.

Plus, they also have the latest popular snack boxes and bottles that school-age kids can bring. These products are known brands that are safe and non-toxic to children.

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod
Some mealtime essentials at Babyrun.

Babyrun tries to cope with new trends in the baby supplies industry. These FunBites are really popular nowadays.

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod
Funbite are available at Babyrun.

For Older Kids

If you think that Babyrun is just for babies, think again. They also have toys, books, and crafts stuff for older kids. My daughters especially love the series of craft kits pictured below. There is an assortment of them, each with different themes. There are kits designed for girls and boys.

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod - craft kits
Craft kits at Babyrun.

Play Area

I have mentioned earlier that Babyrun has a playroom at their store for clients with children. They have quite a small store but they have set aside an ample area where the kids can play with some of the toys there. This is a no-shoes area, so please remove your children’s shoes before letting them play. And oh, that goes for parents and yayas, too.

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod
Cute play area at Babyrun baby needs store.

Babyrun has lined the floor of the play area with rubber mats for safety of the little ones. And they have arranged the area neatly so that the kids will have a nice place to stay while the momma shops. Such a cool idea, really.


2nd Floor, 888 Chinatown Premier Mall
(across the Playground)
Gatuslao Street, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental, Philippines

Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod - Lamaze educational toys
Babyrun also sells the famouse Lamaze educational toys.

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Babyrun baby needs store Bacolod - 888 Chinatown Premier Mall
Babyrun is located at 888 Chinatown Premier Mall.

Find 888 Chinatown Premier Mall on the map.


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