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GINGER LIME DINER Bacolod: Answered Prayer



This Bacolod restaurant was borne out of passion, hope, desire, and prayer. Welcome to Ginger Lime Diner.

Ginger Lime Diner menu
Our feast for three at the opening of Ginger Lime Diner, located at Gatuslao St., near LCC, Bacolod City. #Bacolodeats

The Beginnings

Five years ago, Citoy Taño and wife Johanna dreamed and prayed for a place where their prayer group mates, friends, colleagues, and family can hang out. Blessed perhaps with the gift of hospitality, they wanted to invite people over to their home but found it not quite possible because of as they said, “Our house is small.”

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Ginger Lime Diner opening
Citoy and Johanna with their three children.

Cooking Wife

But Johanna, who is blessed with kitchen prowess, kept making good food for her family and friends. Eventually, she accepted orders that they would deliver within city limits. Their food delivery service was called A2n Luto (in English, translated to “Our Cooking”). Their specialties were chicken sisig, double sauce pasta, carbonara, creamy Spanish Sardines pasta, and rellenong bangus. People just called Johanna on her cell phone or messaged her on Facebook and she would dutifully delivery them.

Ginger Lime Diner
Ginger Lime Diner blessing and dedication.
Ginger Lime Diner Bacolod
As head of the family, Citoy anoints the entire place with oil.

Ginger Lime Diner

But that is the past now. God has honored the prayer and desire of His children who are fervent in their prayers. And with that, Ginger Lime Diner was born. Dedicated to the Lord and launched to the public last Valentine’s Day 2016, Ginger Lime is a product of perseverance, hope for better things, a big amount of faith, and Johanna’s submission to her husband Citoy.

Ginger Lime Diner spaghetti
Double sauce pasta. Spaghetti cooked in red sauce and smothered with creamy white sauce and topped with fresh bell peppers. P95 for a big order.

What To Expect at Ginger Lime Diner

Ginger Lime Diner serves Johanna’s specialties and more in a casual setting. But more than that, it’s surely going to be a “tambayan” of their friends and colleagues who would surely like a good cup of brewed coffee that cost only a meager P15. If you prefer it with milk, then you would have to shell out an extra P3.

Ginger Lime Diner burger
Smoky Sliders. Pure beef burger with smoked sauce and served with hash brown. So good! Only P95.

They also have some additional stuff on their menu, like their loaded fruit punch that’s only P50 for a mason jar full, smoky sliders (pure beef burger with smoked sauce), sausage omelet with hash brown, and tuna melt sandwich that my husband says is “oh-so-good”. They also have iced variants of their hot drinks–still all very affordable.

Ginger Lime Diner chicken sisig
Looking for an affordable lunch or early dinner? Check out their chicken sisig meal with egg. P75.
nachos at Ginger Lime Diner
A plate of beefy nachos.
Ginger Lime Diner pasta
Creamy Spanish Sardine pasta, mildly spicy and not cloying. Super love. P85 only.
Ginger Lime Diner sandwich
Tuna melt sandwich in wheat bread and served with hash brown. P65.
Ginger Lime Diner fruit punch
Summer is fast approaching and fruit punch in mason jars at only P50 will surely hit the spot.

Ginger Lime Diner

B.S. Aquino Drive,
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Open Monday to Saturday
7am to 10pm

Sigrid Says
Ginger Lime Diner is a simple, laid back diner without air conditioning but it has the ambiance of a vibrant venue for art and subculture to converge. It is where common folk can come in, enjoy the food and drinks, have fellowship with friends, brainstorm, and enjoy camaraderie. If there is one thing that is sure here, it’s that each order dished out is served with love and passion and peppered with prayer. What struck me the most was the collaborative effort in putting this new place together. From the artworks done by a homeless artist that the couple befriended to the provision of their plates and utensils, there is so much teamwork that one can say was only orchestrated by God. Well what else can I say but God bless your new endeavor, Citoy and Johanna! God bless Ginger Lime Diner!

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  1. Dear Sigrid. I just emailed you. I just have to access your web page and that’s it. My inquiry has just been answered. Johanna Almasol Taño is also my former student. Hope to get in touch with you always.

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