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KonsultaMD Health Hotline: Telehealth for the Filipino

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My little one pretends to check on her pink teddy that she named Love Applezimmy. No, she is not one of the doctors at KonsultaMD. They have licensed medical doctors on the line to help you with your concerns.

KonsultaMD Health Hotline:
Bringing sound medical information closer to the Filipino people

In our country, Filipinos are known to skip the doctor’s visit and instead resort to self-medication. They would buy over the counter drugs and pop pills as the symptoms occur. Aside from this, we have a hoard of folk medicines (especially true in far-flung barangays), unfounded medical advice from family and friends, traditional cures, or even the internet.

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Please Don’t Confuse Your Google Search With My Medical Degree Mug. This is a popular mug among doctors because they get irate when patients cite Google to them as their source of medical information. Image from Amazon.co.uk. Available on the site at £12.99.

This common behavior among a majority of Filipinos is the result of a lack of experienced healthcare professionals in the country. It has been reported that the Philippines only has about three doctors for every 100,000 patients in rural areas and seven doctors for every 100,000 patients in urban areas. No wonder the long queues in clinics and the long wait to be served! That depressing number is in addition to under-resourced public hospitals, poor health infrastructure, limited accessibility, as well as high cost of medical consultation.

Thus, KonsultaMD Telehealth service was born. KonsultaMD aims to bring positive change to the Philippine healthcare industry with its 24/7 health hotline designed to make medical information more accessible, efficient, and affordable to a majority of Filipinos. For quality assurance for the public, KonsultaMD is being operated by Global Telehealth, Inc., an affiliate of the leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom and Salud Interactiva, a leader in the health hotline industry in Mexico.

KonsultaMD addresses two of the nine areas in the healthcare spectrum identified by a global consultancy and research firm as having the biggest potential for disruption and transformation in medical practice. These are “care anytime, anywhere” and “cost of care/operation innovations.” With KonsultaMD, Filipinos from all walks of life especially those at the base of the pyramid, will have access to a reliable source of medical information anytime they want and wherever they are in the country without spending a lot of time and money. We were told that KonsultaMD is aiming for just several seconds of waiting time when you call the hotline for medical problems or consultations.

KonsultaMD provides straightforward help with health and medical-related questions. Their services include medical information to common but important questions on pregnancy, infant and/or toddler care, fever and other general ailments, signs and symptoms, diet, and other concerns. They will also tell you if you need to have laboratory tests done or if you need to go to the emergency room.

“We are addressing the pain points in Philippine health care by pulling together a team of skilled and licensed Filipino doctors who are readily available to provide medical assessment, basic healthcare and permissible medication over the phone. Not only do we feel that the local market is ready for this kind of service, we feel there is a great need for it considering the low doctor to patients ratio in the country,” revealed Maridol Ylanan, CEO of Global Telehealth, Inc.

However, KonsultaMD does not replace face-to-face interaction between doctors and patients but only serves as a means of interim care so that the public can have immediate and affordable medical attention. This is especially helpful when you just have minor concerns and a trip to the doctor’s clinic is a big fuss.

Who Can Avail of KonsultaMD Services?
KonsultaMD is available to both Globe and TM customers at affordable subscription plans. Globe Postpaid customers only need to pay a subscription fee of Php150 per month, which can be used by up to four additional household members. Yes, one subscription for only P150 per month and you can already make medical consultations for five people. No other clinic can give you that discount.

On the other hand, Globe Prepaid and TM customers may subscribe for Php15 a week, Php60 a month, Php120 every 2 months or Php180 a quarter. Subscription fee is waived for Platinum Elite members. Calls using Globe or TM are charged Php1 per minute while calls within Metro Manila via landline are currently being offered for free. Non-Globe users have to pay the standard NDD rate for calls outside Metro Manila or regular mobile to landline rate, whichever is applicable.

All Globe consumer postpaid, prepaid and TM customers may subscribe by signing up at www.konsulta.md, by calling (02) 79880, or by visiting a Globe Store nearest you.  Platinum Elite members may subscribe via their Platinum Relationship Manager. Non-Globe users may visit a Globe Store for more information.

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