PAL Cebu-Los Angeles

PAL launches direct flight from Cebu to Los Angeles

PAL Launches Direct Flights from Cebu to LA

PAL launches its non-stop flight from Cebu to Los Angeles.

Starting March 15, 2016, Philippine Airlines is proud to announced that an Airbus 340 will be flying directly from Cebu to Los Angeles, USA, and vice versa three times a week.

The launch of this new international route coded PR122 will coincide with PAL’s 75th founding anniversary. This latest addition to their operations is part of the flag carrier’s ongoing route expansion to the United States in response to the market demand.

PAL officers Harry Inoferio and Chris Lebumfacil
Mr. Harry Inoferio and Mr. Chris Lebumfacil at the Bacolod press con for the Cebu-LAX launch.
PAL officers Cielo Villaluna and Rene Aviles
Ms. Cielo Villaluna and Mr. Rene Aviles during the Bacolod press con for the Cebu-LAX flight.


Convenience for Airport Pickups. Mr. Harry Inoferio, PAL SAVP for Sales, said that this first non-stop flight from Cebu-LAX-VV is going to be historical. The Cebu-LAX flights are scheduled every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The flight leaves at 8:40am and arrives in LA at 6pm. They scheduled it this way so that family and friends picking up passengers at the airport will not have to take a leave of absence from work for this errand.

Avoidance of Manila Traffic. No need to fly to Manila and experience traffic. The airport in Cebu has also improved.

Avoidance of Airport Scams. The recent scams at Manila airports victimizing passengers for extortion has really tainted the airport operations in Manila while glamorizing the operations at the Cebu-Mactan International Airport. That is why more and more people are being drawn to pass by Cebu as their entry point.

More Mileage. Since Cebu is farther than Manila, there is more mileage per sector when traveling to LA and vice versa. But the cost is pretty much the same.

Good Business for Cebu. “It will bring in a lot of business to Cebu and will boost the economy.” This effect will also cascade to neighboring cities that have connecting flights to Cebu because of accessibility.


From its launching on March 15 until the end of March, connecting domestic flights for the Cebu-LAX sector will be offered for free. Covered Visayan destinations are Bacolod, CDO, Butuan, Davao, Iloilo, and Tacloban.

Presently, PAL has 11 weekly flights between Manila and Los Angeles, 10 weekly flights between Manila and San Franciso, and four weekly flights between Manila and New York.

PAL Visayas Roadshow
PAL officers, Bacolod City government officials, and Tourism heads lead the toast for the Cebu-LAX Bacolod launch.

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