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Maurice Serfino and his tattoos

Getting Inked: Top Tattoo Artists in Bacolod


Looking for a Bacolod tattoo artist?

Check out this list of the top Bacolod tattoo artists. Bacolodnons are very talented and artistic.

bacolod tattoo artist
Tattoo patron Maurice Serfino

Recently, more and more people are sporting nice tattoos on some parts of their bodies. That is because the art of inking has improved so much over the years, especially in terms of materials and technology. And here in Bacolod, we are not not behind in terms of tattoo art.

What is a tattoo?

According to Wikipedia, a tattoo “is a form of body modification, made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment.”

So you can put just any design on your body, depending on what you like or the mood that you are in. Just make sure that you choose the one that you think is timeless, because as you know, tattoos are pretty permanent, unless you undergo some medical procedure to remove them.

“I shall now mention the way they mark themselves indelibly, each of them is so marked by their humour or disposition”.

-Joseph Banks

While I may not be courageous enough to get inked myself, I still celebrate the artistry and the effort that goes into every tattoo. But mind you, not all tattoo artists are the same. You might end up with a mutation of the original design that you presented. Some have their own techniques while others have their own touch.

Find one Bacolod tattoo artist who suits you and can possibly draw out the design that you like. So if you are looking for a good tattoo artist in Bacolod City, here are some of them, as recommended by Maurice Serfino. He is an avid patron of Bacolod tattoo artists. They also hold various tattoo shows and exhibits in Bacolod City. This article is in collaboration with him, as he knows them very well. Thank you, Maurice!

Top Bacolod Tattoo Artists

So yeah, Bacolod is not just about food. I know Bacolod restaurants here are aplenty. But we have an abundance of Bacolod artists here, too. And here are the top Bacolod tattoo artists in no particular order. Check out their work samples, too.

Rodel Libo-on

bacolod tattoo artist
The works of Rodel Libo-on.
Bacolod tattoo artist
Bacolod tattoo artist Rodel Libo-on in action.

Asch Groothold

Bacolod tattoo artist
The works of Asch Groothold.

For inquiries and bookings, you may text or call Asch at 0916-4409555.

Bacolod tattoo artist
Bacolod tattoo artist Asch Groothold doing his what he is good at.

Gibson Jimenea

Bacolod tattoo artist
Life-like. Some of the works of Bacolod tattoo artist Gibson Jimenea.
Bacolod tattoo artist Gibson Jimenea
Gibson Jimenea is all serious at work.

Tino Tiberio

Bacolod tattoo artist
Some colorful inks by Tino Tiberio.
Bacolod tattoo artist
Tino Tiberio bent on finishing this design.

Billy Boy Abonado

Bacolod tattoo artist
Designs by Billy Boy Abonado.
Bacolod tattoo artist
Billy Boy Abonado gingerly embeds the pigment one area at a time.

Mike Molinos

Michael “Mike” Molinos, 31, from La Carlota City was drawn to skin art at a young age. He started tattooing when he was 19, he started dabbling on drawing tattoos using an improvised rotary machine. After only three years, he went pro with the help of Tata Coscoluella from Staindskin Tattoo of Iloilo City.

His influences are Paul Booth and Tommy Lee Wendtner. “I do colored designs but I still love to do black and gray tattoos.”

Bacolod tattoo artist
Artworks by Mike Molinos.

Mike Molinos Mobile no.: 09076231951
Facebook page: mike molinos tattoo

Bacolod tattoo artist
Bacolod artist Mike Molinos carefully draws on skin.

Third Tripolo

Bacolod tattoo artist.
Very detailed artworks by Third Tripolo.

Third Tripolo started tattooing professionally about 4 years ago, with a particular style called “color horror realism”. He says, “I also love black and gray but I think that my (work) in color is much stronger than my blacks and grays.” He believes that there is no such thing as perfection in tattooing but in all his achievements, he tries to remain humble. Contact Third at 0915-4233601.

Talented Bacolod Tattoo Artists

I think that all of the Bacolod tattoo artists that I featured here are very talented. It’s now a matter of choosing who you are comfortable working with on a personal level. After all, getting inked is a rather “intimate” act.

It would do you well to get a referral first, especially if you have a complicated design in mind, and get to know the artist first before undergoing a drastic transformation. I know that some of the contact details are missing, but you can all easily find them on Facebook.

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