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Crib Fast Food in Bacolod: All About Wings and Ribs


Crib Fast Food for
Wings and Ribs in Bacolod

Crib combo meal
The Crib combo meal (P145) gives you 4 wings, 1 rib, 1 macaroni, 1 rice, and a glass of drink. You can choose among different flavored wings and macaroni. I had garlic parmesan wings and the macaroni with tomato sauce.

Crib Fast Food has been around for almost two years here in Bacolod. Their first branch is a small place along La Salle Avenue, but it has been doing quite well so it was inevitable for them to open another spot.

And today, they are opening their doors to a bigger and much nicer Crib along San Agustin Drive, beside the Riverside Hospital. They are open from 10:30 am to 10pm.

Crib Bacolod
Crib has a very spacious dining area–this is just about a quarter of it.

Specialties of the house are their chicken wings that come in five flavors, namely original, buffalo, garlic parmesan, honey, and teriyaki. And then of course, the ribs. They have designed their meals that you can have the best of everything–ribs, wings, rice, a macaroni siding, and a glass of a drink of your choice. Of course there are other variations, but I bet this is their bestseller. For P145, it is really worth it. They also have different flavored curly fries that come in cheese, carbonara, and Mexican salsa flavors.

Crib green wall
Crib has a green wall inside the restaurant. I personally love this touch, as you know I am the proponent of the #MorePlantsinBacolod and #GreenerBacolod movement.
Crib Bacolod
Crib has been arranged well that it can comfortably seat so many patrons at the same time.

And they serve pretty fast, too. Being near a couple of universities, a hospital, and several offices, people around the area are always on a hurry to whatever their errands for the day area. They don’t have a lot of time to spend for lunch, which are often taken on a hurry. So the fast turn-around of your meal is very important. And the people at Crib understand that very much.

Crib Bacolod
Your order starts here.
Crib Bacolod
There are directions on the floor. But I am not sure if it will be noticed because people will surely be looking up the menu.
Crib Bacolod
Crib is located at San Agustin Drive, the street on the left side when you are facing Riverside Hospital.

The new Crib has a very spacious air-conditioned dining area so I am pretty sure that they will not run out of seats for hungry diners. The place is nicely designed, has a comfort room for men and women, and a green wall on one side (a nice touch, by the way). Visit them for lunch, dinner, and any meal in between.

Crib Fast Food
San Agustin Drive
Bacolod City
Opens 10:30am to 10pm daily

Crib Bacolod Menu

crib menu
A couple of our friends ordered the trio meal (P405). It comes with 12 wings, 3 ribs, 3 rice, 3 macaroni, and 3 drinks. It’s good for 3 pax. They also have a party meal at P745 that’s good for six. Pretty good price.
Crib Bacolod
Here’s another combo meal — with buffalo wings and original macaroni flavor. Comes with a drink at P145.
Crib Bacolod
A rib meal with drinks (P95).

Three Kinds of Fries

Crib fries
Carbonara fries by Crib (P65)
Crib fries
Cheesy fries (P65)
Crib fries
Curly fries with Mexican salsa (P65).

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