Digital Cable TV Service Now Available in Bacolod City

Sky Cable Presentation today at 21 Restaurant.

Bacolod City is indeed moving forward to progress. Last September 1, Sky Cable Bacolod has started offering their digital cable TV service to their subscribers. But it was only formally launched today, September 5, 2012 in a luncheon at the 21 Bar and Restaurant.

The event was well-attended by members of the media–print, radio, TV, and of course, the internet.

Sky Cable Digital Cable TV Announcement

Now, SKYcable subscribers have the power to choose from a variety of digital cable packages that fit their family’s viewing needs and budgets.

Get 20 must-have digital cable TV channels for as low as P280, with SKYcable 280. And if movies are what you love, then SKYcable 499 is the movie blockbuster package for you.

If you want a wider array of channels to entertain you and your family, you can subscribe to either SKYcable Silver, the most popular cable package in Iloilo, or SKYcable Gold, with seven more channels compared to Silver.

Aside from these new basic digital cable plans, subscribers now have the power to customize and beef-up their line-up, only made possible through SKYcable Select. Subscribers can add as many channels as they want to fill their families’ viewing needs that range from kiddie channels to learning, news, movies, sports, and general entertainment. Channels on SKYcable Select go for as low as P20 per channel per month.

Imagine what you can do. This was printed on the back of Sky Cable personnel uniforms. And indeed, imagine what you can do with digital cable TV.

Aside from the launch of a wide variety of basic cable plans plus the power to customize via SKYcable Select, digitization has allowed for an expanded channel line-up that is now arranged according to genre. Now, SKYcable’s channel line-up is as organized as you by putting together channels that belong to the same program types, thus, helping you recall channel assignments faster and making channel surfing even more convenient. Local channels can be found on channel numbers 001-099 while Kids’ programs are on 100-199. Learning channels are on channels 200-299; 300-399 channels are for Sports; 400-499 are Movie channels; 500-599 are News channels; 600-699 are General Entertainment channels; 800-899 are International channels; and 900-999 are Religious channels.

This array of digital cable TV services provided by SKYcable gives you endless cable TV entertainment possibilities that you and your family deserve. It’s about time you experience digital cable TV beyond clear signal.

To know more about the SKYcable’s new offerings, log on to; call SKYcable’s customer service hotline 432-0051; email; find us on Facebook,; or follow us on Twitter,

I think this is a great service to the people of Bacolod who want clearer signal and more control over their TV viewing. At home, we will have the prepaid cable TV service because honestly, we don’t have that much time to watch TV. The digital cable TV service is still not available for pre-paid so those who want to avail of this will have to shift to monthly subscription plans, as follows:

Plan 280. With 20 must-have channels and 7 Sky Cable exclusive channels.
Plan 399. With 20 must-have channels, 7 Sky Cable exclusive channels, and HBO.
Plan 499. With 50+ channels, 7 Sky Cable exclusive programming and three movie channels, namely HBO, Cinema One, and Star Movies.
Plan 780 (Silver). With 70+ channels, 14 Sky Cable exclusive channels.
Plan 1050 (Gold). With 80+ channels, 14 Sky Cable exclusive channels.

The Digital Cable TV service is still on its Phase 1 development, which covers the northern part of Bacolod City up to Talisay City. Hopefully in November, more areas of Bacolod will already be covered.

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