Nonna's Kitchen desserts, #Bacolodeats

Nonna's Kitchen desserts

Desserts and Coffees to Enjoy at NONNA’S KITCHEN Bacolod


Nonna’s Kitchen

at Villa Angela Hi Strip 4
is a place for heavenly desserts!
#Bacolodeats #Bacolodsweets

Nonna's Kitchen desserts
Five of the greatest desserts at Nonna’s Kitchen–calamansi bar, pecan bar, ube cake, chocolate cake that has the strongest chocolate kick I’ve ever tried, and the yema cake. Served with a cup of hot white mocha.

Nonna’s Kitchen at Villa Angela Hi Strip 4, Circumferential Road, Bacolod City serves great-tasting dishes, the ones that you crave for, like sate babe, rice toppings, sizzlers, and all-day breakfast at prices that are easy on the pocket. But aside from their meals, what gets me excited are the desserts!

Nonna's Kitchen Bacolod sweets
The pizookie with a cafe latte at Nonna’s Kitchen.

While they are not a desserts place, they have the perfect stuff to cap your wonderful meal with their extensive assortment of sweets and coffee creations. They have single serve cakes, chilled or frozen desserts, as well as their specialty–the pizookie, a giant, soft chocolate chip cookie served hot in a pan pizza plate and topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. It is generously drizzled with chocolate sauce. My gads, I’m getting giddy remembering the sensations of the gooey chocolate chips, soft warm cookie, and ice cream melting in my mouth. And like I said, it is the perfect answer to any PMS craving, pramis!

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Aside from desserts, they also have several variants of hot, iced, and frozen flavored coffees that are surely going to make every coffee lover’s heart skip a beat. I had their hot latte while my husband ordered hot white the hot white mocha. We didn’t add in sugar anymore because of the desserts we had and our coffees were just perfect. If you add sugar in your coffee, the desserts might get cloying already. But I would really recommend the white mocha. So good, especially to milk and white chocolate lovers. So yummy! 😀

Nonna's Kitchen desserts
My happy kid with her cakes at Nonna’s Kitchen.

They just have so many coffee variants on their menu. They have names like espresso, double espresso, brewed coffee, Irish mocha, mocha, Americano, cappucino, choco mint, cookie coffee, frozen dulce de leche, choco caramel, and salted caramel served either hot, cold, or frozen. And some of them can be served decaffeinated, too, for those who love the flavor but could not stand the caffeine. They also serve hot chocolate.

Nonna’s Kitchen
Ground Floor
Villa Angela Hi Strip 4
Circumferential Road, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Open daily from 7am to 10pm

Nonna's Kitchen
Nonna’s Kitchen
Bacolod eats, Nonna's Kitchen
The chiller for desserts at Nonna’s Kitchen

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