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LED tube lights
cd-r king LED tube lights

Years after the fluorescent bulb was discovered, it was found out that fluorescent gives off a small amount of ultraviolet light and that 8 hours of exposure under it is already equivalent to an hour of sun exposure.

Further studies also revealed that fluorescent light exposure can be associated to health conditions like migraine, stress, mood swings, and eye strain, especially with prolonged exposure. Plus, of course, there are environment issues on the use of fluorescent bulbs because it contains a small amount of mercury. The careless disposal can affect the ecological system of the world.

These result of these studies has prompted most households to switching into the use of CFL during the last few decades. It was considered less harmful but since it still contains fluorescent, mercury is still present.

Now, the invention of LED has saved us from the long term use of fluorescent. Nowadays, you will rarely see a household that still uses fluorescent light. Not only is it safe and environment-friendly, LED lights also save energy.

LED Luminosity Factor

While households welcome the change from the fluorescent to LED lighting, commercial offices are less likely to follow suit because they question the luminosity of the LED light. It cannot be denied that larger commercial spaces require higher luminosity than most homes. So if broken down to lumens versus floor space, fluorescent will boil down to be a cheaper light source.

LED Light Tube

Thankfully, research and development does not stop and we now have a luminosity factor to the LED lighting technology. We now have the LED Light Tube, an innovation that can give commercial spaces the lumens that they require but without the toxins that can harm people and the environment. These LED light tubes give the same high light output of fluorescent but with the benefits of LED technology.

CD-R King LED Light Tubes

CD-R King, the one-stop media has just made the LED Light Tube more accessible to the general public. In their effort to help protect the environment, CDR-King is bringing this innovation closer to the people, as they offering the technology at a very affordable price. The CD-R King LED light tubes are available in T-8 10watts (php120), T-5 18watts (Php150) and T-5 20watts (Php200), all of which can last up to 50,000 hours. They are very easy on the budget and they can be bought with casing or as a replacement tube. With these LED light tubes by CD-R King, the finance officer will not have a headache when operations request for the changing of the entire office building light. After all, it’s for the people and the environment.

CDR-King LED light tubes are available in all CD-R King branches nationwide. For more updates, Like/follow them on FB: /cdrkingph.

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