Grand Royal Spa Bacolod

new and improved Grand Royal Spa Bacolod

Grand Royal Spa Bacolod: Bigger and Better


Grand Royal Spa Bacolod

The Grand Royal Spa Bacolod at 6th Street has more rooms and new amenities

Grand Royal Spa Bacolod
The counter at Grand Royal Spa Bacolod 6th Street branch. Now on it’s ninth year.

They are now a few months shy of their 10th anniversary. So it was just about time that Grand Royal Spa Bacolod at their main branch at 6th Street, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines underwent some major renovation of their premises to give way to more rooms and new amenities. They had their soft opening last September 28, 2016, after 45 days of hiatus during construction.

Grand Royal Spa Bacolod
The new waiting lounge of Grand Royal Spa Bacolod

The first thing that one will notice when going inside the small waiting area or lounge of Grand Royal Spa Bacolod is that it looks a bit more spacious, thanks to better lighting and some re-arrangements. The first room on the right side is still their foot spa lounge. They bought new foot spa chairs to replace the old ones and they also installed curtains to separate the chairs.

While it will not protect you from the snores of your neighbor, at least you get a wee bit of privacy while having a foot massage or foot spa.

Grand Royal Spa Bacolod
The comfortable lavatory and foot wash area.

Going further down the hall, you will notice the couple’s room on the left and the “barkada” room on the right, which features three beds. They added more massage rooms on the ground floor so that the elderly and those who have injury will not have to go up to the second floor to get their body massage. They also installed a cozy foot wash area and lavatory for those who want to wash their feet prior to their body massage. They can change into slippers here, too.

Grand Royal Spa Bacolod
The barkada room features three massage beds.

On the second floor, the wet areas for men and women of Grand Royal Spa Bacolod are now separate, but the sauna baths are not yet operational. Guests will also notice that the corridors are wider and brighter.

Grand Royal Spa Bacolod
The pristine white hallways on the second floor of Grand Royal Spa Bacolod.

Also on the second floor are three more couple’s rooms, so it is much nicer now to have a couple’s spa date because you can be in the same room with your partner. I dunno with you but although all we do is close our eyes or sleep while having a massage, it is comforting to know that your other half is just a bed away. It makes the activity more special because it is something that you did “together” at Grand Royal Spa Bacolod, as opposed to separately because you are in different rooms.

Grand Royal Spa Bacolod
A solo massage room
Grand Royal Spa Bacolod
One of the couple’s rooms on the second floor.

Grand Royal Spa Bacolod

Main branch: 6th Street, Bacolod City
Tel. No: (034) 435 0933
FB page:
Open daily from 12nn to 12mn
Branches: East Branch Bacolod and Silay City

Grand Royal Spa Bacolod

The wet area for men

Grand Royal Spa Bacolod Amenities

  • Waiting Lounge
  • 4 Couple’s Massage Room
  • 5 Single rooms
  • 1 Barkada room with three beds
  • 1 Foot Lounge with 8 new chairs
  • 1 Foot wash area with two sinks
  • Two sets of male and female restrooms
Grand Royal Spa Bacolod
Wet area for ladies

Aside from the new amenities, owner Mrs. Vicky Que explained that they also changed all their lighting into LED lights so as to employ a “greener” system into their operations. Mrs. Que is also the president of the Spa Association of Negros (SPAN) so she plays an active role in ensuring the integrity of the spa business in Bacolod City.

Grand Royal Spa Bacolod
Hubby and I at the lounge while waiting for our service to start.

Their operations are continually checked by the City Health Office. Their therapists also get regular training to maintain the quality of their massage techniques as well as a more general workshop on how to politely deal with their clients. They are constantly reminded about their business of making guests feel relaxed and pampered during their stay at the spa.

Grand Royal Spa Bacolod Services

  • Whole body massage
  • Thai massage
  • Foot massage
  • Foot spa
  • Facial
  • Body scrub
  • Hot stone massage
  • Bentosa cupping
  • Thermal massage

Note: Grand Royal Spa Bacolod also has combination packages so that the services become cheaper and you get on a whole different level of pampering. Follow their Facebook page for updates promos. The most common promo offered here is the siesta time promot.

Visit the Grand Royal Spa Bacolod at the 6th Street, Bacolod City. They are open daily from 12nn to 12mn. For reservations, call Tel. No. (034) 435 0933.

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