Daiso Japan Bacolod

Daiso Japan Bacolod

DAISO JAPAN Bacolod Re-Opens With a Bigger and Better Store

Daiso Japan Bacolod
The bigger DAISO JAPAN Bacolod store at Robinsons Place Bacolod.

DAISO JAPAN in Bacolod City has long been supplying kawaii stuff to Bacolodnon homes and offices for several years, selling from their small store at the second floor of Robinsons Place Bacolod. Then suddenly they closed, promising to re-open with a bigger and better store.

And they did not disappoint. Indeed it was a bigger and brighter and better store that approached us last September 23, 2016 during the grand re-opening of the DAISO JAPAN Bacolod store. The aisles are a bit wider, too, so no more accidentally elbowing another customer. haha We certainly enjoyed our visit as we availed on the buy one take one offers and the items on sale. And we got some toys at P10 each, too. Weeee, kawaii happiness!

We so love Daiso that sometimes we try to avoid going there because for sure, we will not got out empty-handed. And last opening day, we had several bags full. haha

About Daiso

DAISO JAPAN is the no. 1 supplier of living ware goods, more popularly known for its 100 yen stores in Japan. But as part of its continuous innovation, Daiso Japan has started to develop items that offer more variety and quality to customers at 200 yen, 1,000 yen, and so on.

DAISO JAPAN is one of the retail formats operated by Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. The company holds the exclusive sublicense to sell authentic Daiso merchandise from Japan and operates the legitimate Daiso Japan store concept all over the Philippines. The stores appeal to the public because they offer a wide assortment of unique products – from home and kitchen ornaments, office knick-knacks, and beauty essentials to curious merchandise that are both practical and collectible. Prices start at P88 but if you get lucky, you will find items as low as P10, like we did.

Daiso Japan Bacolod
The Bacolod re-opening was well-attended, with long lines of people waiting at the counter.
Daiso Japan Bacolod
Knick knacks for the house to footwear. Anik-anik everywhere at Daiso Japan Bacolod.
Daiso Japan Bacolod
Hubby is browsing through the toys section.
Daiso Japan Bacolod
A lady looks over affordable Japanese cosmetics.
Daiso Japan Bacolod
During the grand re-opening, DAISO Japan gave free cotton candy to all shoppers.

Rainy Day Alert at DAISO JAPAN

The rainy days can be a real drag especially if you need to go to work or school even in the heavy downpour. Before heading out in the rain, make sure to arm yourself with essential items that can protect you from the elements, only available at DAISO JAPAN.

Daiso Japan in the Philippines, the only authorized and exclusive retailer of Daiso Industries Ltd. Japan that sells useful and cute items priced from P88, is all geared up for the rainy season with a wide selection of products that will help you stay dry, warm, and prepared for the unexpected weather. Those who commute to work or school would be wise to bring an umbrella every day even when it’s not pouring outside. The unpredictable weather comes with sudden drizzles or rain showers so better be safe and dry than go home soaking wet. So add a bright streak to the gloomy skies with clear umbrellas bearing colorful designs available at Daiso Japan. For heavier downpour, opt for raincoats that are available for both adults and children as well as rain pants and arm covers to avoid getting drenched. There are also cute shoe covers for all sizes to protect your footwear.

You can keep your stuff dry especially things that easily absorb water such as books and documents by placing them in waterproof eco bags. Made of lightweight material, you can bring as many of these reusable totes as you need because they can be folded and don’t take up a lot of space. Just take out one when the need arises.

Damp or wet shoes are inevitable after walking a long stretch of wet, muddy streets. Be sure to dry off your footwear as soon as you get home to prevent molds from forming. Buy a pack of dehumidifying sheets that you can put inside your favorite pair and place them in a shoe rack stand overnight. Daiso Japan also sells dehumidifying mats to eliminate the musty smell of damp air. Meanwhile, leather wax can provide a good level of water-resistance and keep your leather shoes and bags from drying out or cracking.

Brownouts and sudden power outages are to be expected during a typhoon. For emergencies, keep an LED flashlight handy. For good measure keep extra batteries that can also be bought at Daiso Japan in a pack of 20s for only P88.

Daiso Japan Bacolod
Negros Bloggers with beautiful ladies from Daiso Japan, from left: Marketing Services Manager Bernice Bunoan, Dr. Maritel Ledesma, Eduardo Joven, Dennis Lo, moi, and Daiso Japan Operations Manager Ivy Ojera.

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