seafood buffet

seafood buffet



Eat-all-you-can seafood buffet dinners
mean heaven for seafood lovers.
Only at L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod. #Bacolodeats

Japanese section of the L’Fisher buffet dinner.

There are people who love seafood more than anything. The sight of crustaceans, cephalopods, or mollusks can send some over the edge and activate the salivary glands. I’m describing us–my husband and I. haha There is just something about the sight of seafood that when we see them, hubby and I go crazy. We love seafood so you can just imagine our delight when L’Fisher Hotel announced their seafood dinner buffet.

A seafood platter
pasta station
The pasta station has some seafood ingredients. I love the taste of seafood puttanesca!

Seafood Buffet Dinner

every Friday night at L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod.

Every Friday night, L’Fisher Hotel has declared it the Seafood Buffet Night. Their buffet spread at the Ripples Restaurant has predominantly seafood offerings. But for those who don’t like seafood or are allergic to them, don’t worry, the dishes are not 100% seafood. They still have the carving station, pasta station, pre-cooked dishes, Japanese. salads, soups, and many others that do not have seafood.

shrimp tempura
chili crabs and chili shrimps
On a different Friday night, I had these chili shrimps and crab. Yeah, that’s my plate but before you think I devoured it, I shared it with my husband.

And what makes their buffets super special are the parade of cakes, pastries, and other sweets presented by C’s, the pastry shop by the L’Fisher Hotel, specially created by French pastry chef Denis Laumône. The dessert table is a true spectacle, especially that whole cakes are served there and you can just freely get a slice. Argggghhhh. your eyes will surely pop!

dessert table
Part of the dessert table, yes just part of it, because there’s more! I cannot capture them in one photo! All by C’s.
french pudding
They always have the French pudding and it is always a delight, I tell you. Don’t miss this, served with the milk sauce.

Each week, the dishes are as varied as the presentation and arrangement, so even if you go there every Friday, you will get served with different tastes and textures of the seafood you love. From grilled, to steamed, to sauteed, in a pasta, or with sauce, you will surely have something that will satisfy the seafood lover in you.

Note: The dishes vary each week, they way they are presented and cooked. The photos featured here are from three different seafood dinner events at the L’Fisher Hotel.

seafood curry
Seafood curry….ugh…so good!
And they have some oysters, too.
cold cuts
The cold cuts and cheese station with baked breads that have a nautical theme.


Check out the Facebook page of L’Fisher Hotel,, such as the sixth person getting a free dinner, as long as he or she comes in with five other full paying adults. The seafood dinner buffet is P599 per person net (Kids: P359 net), inclusive of drinks. For inquiries and reservations, please call Tel. No. 433-3731.

fried fish
Fried sliced fish. I think this is tangigue.
baked fish
Salted and baked fish. This is huge!

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