Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions

Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions

Bantug Lake Ranch Activities and Amenities for Summer


Summer at Bantug Lake Ranch

We always enjoy a fun and wholesome family trip to discover new things and just to bond with each other. One of the closest places to us in Bacolod City is Bantug Lake Ranch.

Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - boating
Boating at the serene lake of Bantug Lake Ranch.

About Bantug Lake Ranch

BANTUG LAKE RANCH is a vibrant organic destination farm resort located in Brgy. Alangilan, 13 kilometers east of Bacolod City, in the province of Negros Occidental, southern Philippines. They are part of the province’s effort to successfully become the organic food bowl of Asia.

Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - family
Our family by the lake of Bantug Lake Ranch.

The seven-hectare verdant property had long been a ranch and fruit orchard owned by the Bantug family. Eventually, they opened the place as a daytime destination resort, complete with exciting activities for the entire family or a group of friends. And our family just loves going there for a day trip.

Bantug Lake Ranch Attractions

There are many things you can do at Bantug Lake Ranch. You can easily spend a whole day there without getting bored. There’s something for young and old alike.


Primarily, Bantug Lake Ranch has a big man-made lake made. That lake was planned long before the resort was set up and is the center of attraction of the resort. You can go fish feeding, fishing, and boating.

Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - family
On one of our visits to Bantug Lake Ranch, we went boating. It was calming.


Meanwhile, guests at Bantug Lake Ranch can experience horseback and carriage riding at the ranch area. Horseback riding is usually for individuals or a young kid with guardian tandem. The carriage riding is usually done by groups because it’s more fun to go around when there are more people on it.

Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - horseback riding
Our kids love horseback riding that they would get on the horse every time we are at Bantug Lake Ranch.

Our kids really love horseback riding. Here’s a video of their horseback riding time at Bantug Lake Ranch.

Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - horseback riding
This is our usual set up at Bantug Lake Ranch — Achi on a horse and Dad and Siobe on another. And mom is the photographer.


Kids and the young at heart may also enjoy animal feedings around Bantug Lake Ranch. Around the resort, there are fishes, peacocks, and turkeys. Kids, especially those who grew up in the city, would certainly enjoy feeding the animals, as its a different experience. Different kinds of animal feeds are available at the resort office.

Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - animal petting - turkey
This bunch of turkeys was really showing off to the kids.
Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - horseback riding
We went to Bantug Lake Ranch on a weekday and the horses were just grazing at the picnic area because there are not many people. The kids were able to get to them up close.

Picnic Area 

Guests may opt to have a cool and breezy picnic at Bantug Lake Ranch, as the resort has many shady mango trees around the picnic area. They can cook their own food or they can just conveniently order delicious meals prepared at their rustic restaurant. In the afternoons, you may want to take a nap under the protective covering of the lush trees.

Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - picnic
The Mango Grove has many full grown mango trees that give shade around the area.


A couple of years ago, Bantug Lake Ranch added a big as well as a kiddie pool among their amenities. These pools are overlooking the lake and gives you a nice view of the resort. The swimming fee is separate from the entrance fee, so the entrance is kept to a minimum. You don’t have to pay a full fee if you don’t want to swim.

Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - swimming pool
This day, we had the pools of Bantug Lake Ranch to ourselves.


The kids can play in the playground near the picnic area. These amenities give the parents some down time because the kids are occupied. Though, of course, in our case, we don’t take our eyes off the children. We are there near the playground area if they are playing there.

Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - playground
The kids on the swing. They always like it here.

Organic Garden

Aside from the fruit trees, the family-run Bantug Lake Ranch also has an organic garden where they grow culinary herbs and vegetables. At present, the resort produces its own organic fertilizer and they are subsequently looking to make their operations integrated and sustainable while keeping everything environmentally sound.

Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - organic farm
Bantug Lake Ranch maintains an organic farm where they grow their own fruits and vegetables. Farm visits and group tours here may be arranged.

Among their future plans is to serve their organic produce as main ingredients in their exciting dishes to complete a farm to table setting. You can have a garden tour arranged at their office, if you like. It’s nice for big groups of students for an exposure trip.

Wedding Destination

Aside from being just a place to unwind, Bantug Lake Ranch is fast becoming a favorite venue for weddings and pre-nuptial photo shoots. The natural garden setting is just the perfect romantic backdrop for every couple’s dream garden wedding. Pre-birthday photo shoots may also held here.

Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - horseback riding
The lush background of Bantug Lake Ranch makes it a beautiful backdrop for fairy tale garden weddings.

Bantug Lake Ranch offers a verdant respite from the busyness of city life, wherever you come from. Being very near the center of Bacolod City, locals enjoy coming here just to take a break and soak in nature like you would in a farm or mountain resort without having to go on an out of town journey.

Bantug Lake Ranch Rates

Here are the rates at Bantug Lake Ranch (as of April 2018):

  • Regular Entrance: P60/head
  • Students | Seniors: P50/head
  • Boating (2 rounds): P50/head
  • Fishing: P250/kilo of fish caught from the lake
  • Fishing rod rental: P30/rod (with free bait)
  • Horseback riding: P150/head (15 minutes)
  • Calesa riding: P50/head (2 rounds)
  • Fish cleaning: P50/kilo
  • Swimming: P120/head
  • Photo shoot: P1,800 with free entrance for 5 and a shed

Cottages Rental

  • Small canopy: P1,000 (10 pax)
  • Large canopy: P1,500 (15-20 pax)
  • Picnic shed: P1,800 (20 pax)
  • Picnic table: P250 (6-8 pax)
  • Cabana garden: P4,500 (100 pax)
Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - horseback riding
Parking at Bantug Lake Ranch is not a problem at all.

Bantug Lake Ranch

Brgy. Alangilan, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Tel. No. (63) (34) 213-1916

FB page: Bantug Lake Ranch

Find Bantug Lake Ranch on the map.

Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - horseback riding
The peacock was just confident around Siobe.

Family Enterprise

Bantug Lake Ranch is a family enterprise. Aside from how nicely they have developed the place, I was able to talk to the boatman, Laurencio, who said he had served the Bantug family for decades. He once worked in the family’s sugar plantation under the patriarch Abelardo Palanca Bantug, and eventually, the resort.

Bantug Lake Ranch - Bacolod attractions - boatman
The boatman told us about how he faithfully served the Bantug family. And his loyalty has always been rewarded because of the kindness of his employers.

He said that he never understood why the big boss put a big lake in the middle of the plantation. But he is happy to have lived through the plans getting completed. He never knew that Mr. Bantug was planning to build a resort here. He said that although the father passed away already, he is happy with his current employers (the children) because they are so kind. He is already 65 years old and he still happily working at Bantug LakeRanch while enjoying his pension.

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    1. Oh wow! The horse poop is probably the reason why the plants and fruit trees (they have a lottt) thrive at Bantug Lake Ranch. They have some of the sweetest mangoes, rambutan, and lanzones (all tropical fruits) there.

      Indeed, the girls loved the animals!

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