Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines

Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines

Go Hotels Bacolod Standard Room Family Stay


Go Hotels Bacolod

Go Hotels Bacolod has been around for several years already in Bacolod City. But it was only recently that we stayed overnight for a little family staycation. If you are looking for cheap but safe and clean hotels in Bacolod City, this is a suggestion.

Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines
Go Hotels Bacolod.

Ever since my husband and I had kids, it has almost always been family travel for us. Blame it on the fact that we don’t have a babysitter or maybe it’s just because, I personally don’t like the kids missing out on what I am experiencing. So one of the things that we did as a family is to have a family staycation at Go Hotels here in Bacolod City.

Go Hotels Bacolod is the go-to place for a budget traveler. It has decent, clean, and secure rooms at prices that are very easy on the budget. Will tell you later how to get the best rates at Go Hotels anywhere in the Philippines.

Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines
The hallways of Go Hotels Bacolod are well-lighted, in contrast to some low-cost pension houses that I have stayed in the past with the same prices.

Go Hotels Bacolod Location

The location of Go Hotels Bacolod is very strategic because it’s just a few meters away from Lacson Street, a main thoroughfare of Bacolod City. It is just behind the Robinsons Place Bacolod mall, which has everything you need for shopping, dining, and even entertainment.

Since Lacson Street is a commercial area, a lot of businesses are here, so most likely, your business will just be pretty much around the area. And Lacson Street is also now famous for the many homegrown Bacolod restaurants that have peppered the area.

Go Hotels Bacolod is located at the northern area of the city and is just roughly 20 minutes away from the Bacolod-Silay Airport. Airport shuttles are available at the mall for your convenience.

Lobby | Common Area

Go Hotels Bacolod has a spacious lobby with lots of chairs and tables around. Since it is a budget hotel, you would understand that this common area is not air conditioned.

Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines
Reception area at Go Hotels Bacolod.

However, the place is very clean and tidy. Also, they positioned it that it does not face the rising or the setting sun, so direct sunlight does not go in. So although it’s not air conditioned, it is not very hot.

There are different booths where you can buy toiletries or instant noodles or make bookings for rentals.

Room and Toiletries

The room is simple and clean and nice. But it was small. It’s good for budget travel or for official business, when you need a clean and secure accommodation, it’s nice for up to two persons max.

Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines
We put the beds together so that we will have a bigger space to sleep on. Beds are quite comfortable.

Otherwise, you may fit up to three people on the two single beds combined but the entire room can get cramped. In our case, there’s 2 grown-ups (my husband and I)  and two young kids. My husband felt it was too crowded while it was hard for me to sleep.

Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines
Hallway is very narrow in the room. That’s the mirror that’s reflecting the door to the bathroom.

Toiletries are basic. But you get soap, shampoo, and bathroom tissue. If you want other stuff, you can opt for add-ons at the reception.

Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines
I like the fact that they have these hangers on the wall.
Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines
The toiletries in the bathroom and the toilet area.


I am not sure what the other amenities are but I do know that they have an air conditioned function room for meetings or small gatherings. And Weego Bistro can cater the affair.

Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines
The garden at the back of Go Hotels Bacolod. For a budget hotel, they have given careful consideration to landscaping. They have many open spaces around the building.


Generally, the staff that we have encountered are nice and helpful from the reception to the housekeeping. Actually, we go there earlier than check in time. The room was available but not ready for occupancy.

The hotel staff that we talked to made up the room very quickly and efficiently so that we won’t have to wait for their housekeeping staff (who were still on break at that time) to come back.


When I approached the front hotel staff about the rates, I was told that Go Hotels doesn’t have a set tariff. But if you are a walk in client, the rate is P1,500 per standard room.

How do you get the room at a cheaper rate?

Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines
Our family at Go Hotels Bacolod.

If you have plans of traveling to any city in the Philippines, book your accommodations early with Go Hotels. You can get their standard at only P88 per night if you are early. So I guess, if you plan early, you will be blessed with very low rates.

Go Hotels in the Philippines

Here’s a list of the cities in the Philippines where there is Go Hotels.

  • Bacolod
  • Butuan
  • Cubao-Quezon City
  • Dumaguete
  • Ermita-Manila
  • Iloilo
  • Mandaluyong
  • Manila Airport Road
  • North Edsa-Quezon City
  • Ortigas Center
  • Otis-Manila
  • Puerto Princesa
  • Tacloban
Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines
The kids in front of the cute mural on one of the walls at Go Hotels.


Wifi is available to the guests of Go Hotels Bacolod. It was pretty fast when were there but I wasn’t able to work because the room was too crowded and the folding table was not very secure to hold my laptop.

Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines
The folding table on the side of the wall.
Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines
This is the table when it’s open.


There is no breakfast buffet at Go Hotels Bacolod. But you can have all your meals at the Weego Bistro on the ground floor. It’s an art cafe with a nice vibe and some good food. They serve them very affordably, too.

Go Hotels Bacolod - Bacolod hotels - travel Philippines
Weego Bistro is an art cafe that serves affordable food.

So will we stay in Go Hotels when we travel? We would. But I don’t think we will share the room as a whole family though.

Contact Details

Go Hotels Bacolod

Robinsons City Walk
Mandalagan, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Tel. No. (63) (34) 441 0506

Book a room in advance at Go Hotels Bacolod to get really low rates.

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18 thoughts on “Go Hotels Bacolod Standard Room Family Stay

  1. Glad you had fun as a family at Go Hotels Bacolod. I always travel with my kids and always look for comfortable places and other amenities in the hotel. The fun part about family travel is the memories you create with them.

  2. How fun! I’ve never been to the Philippines but now I have a recommended hotel to stay! Love how you put the beds together at Go Hotels for a giant family bed, great idea with little ones.

    1. Yeah we always try to put the beds together in a hotel, as long as it’s possible. But at Go Hotels, I think it will only work if you only have one child. It was kinda crowded for us here.

  3. I always stay in hotels whenever I travel. I’ll definitely consider Go Hotels when I visit Bacolod. 88 pesos per night is superrr affordable!

      1. Sounds like fun! I’ve always wanted to go to this country it’s defo on my bucket list. Go Hotels is a decent place to stay in.

  4. Go Hotels looks like a great place to stay in while in Bacolod. So many things to love about the Philippines! It’s really beautiful out there.

  5. Go Hotels seems like a good hotel for the money, in a place with things nearby. Although it sounds a bit small, I guess with budget hotels you get what you pay for!

  6. You guys are the coolest family! I love that you take the kids everywhere you go. Go Hotels Bacolod looks like it was a wonderful place to stay for those people on a budget. The art cafe looks adorable and I love how you pushed the beds together. Almost like a slumber party! xx

    1. haha yeah we try to bring the kids around. Aside from the fact that we don’t have a babysitter, I kind of feel bad, leaving them at home while their dad and I are enjoying ourselves hahaha

    1. Oh, we just moved the two single beds together so it looks “massive” hahaha Kidding aside, the room is very small and Go Hotels. But it is nice and decent and secure. You just can’t cramp the whole fam in there though 😀

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