Ceres pasalubong

Ceres pasalubong

Bacolod Pasalubong: Buy CERES PASALUBONG Products


Bacolod PasalubongCeres Pasalubong

When traveling to Negros Occidental, try bringing home Ceres Pasalubong products as Bacolod pasalubong to your family and friends back home. They are available in Ceres Bus terminals  around the Philippines.

Ceres pasalubong, Bacolod pasalubong
Ceres Pasalubong products.

Ceres Pasalubong New Home

Among the many Bacolod pasalubong products out there, you might not easily remember to bring home Ceres Pasalubong products. Perhaps, you don’t even know that they are available. They are among the newest players in the growing Bacolod pasalubong industry in the Visayas. If ever somebody mentions Ceres, your first thought would be the Ceres Bus Liner.

Ceres Mart, Bacolod pasalubong
The new Ceres Mart at the Ceres North Bus Terminal.

But now, Ceres Pasalubong has a bigger and better location at the Bacolod North Bus Terminal in Mandalagan, Bacolod City, and they are eating up a big share of the Bacolod tourist market, especially among the land travelers taking the Ceres Bus.


Before their expansion, Ceres Pasalubong has been around for several years already, selling baked goodies at their terminal stations as well as some supermarkets. But it wasn’t until the improvement of the new Ceres Bus Terminal that they also had a nice and modern home, called the Ceres Mart.

Bacolod pasalubong, Ceres mart
Neatly arranged shelves at Ceres Mart

From its name, you can easily deduce that this company is owned by the biggest bus network in the Visayas and Mindanao–Ceres Bus Liner, or at least, a family member.

Yes, Ceres Pasalubong is owned by a family member of the Vallacar Transit group of companies, one who specialized into the production of special baked products as well as a Bacolod fastfood restaurant.

Inspired from multi-national convenience stores, the Ceres Mart at the Ceres Liner has all the conveniences that a traveler needs — Bacolod pasalubong, snacks, hot meals, hot and cold drinks, basic necessities, and other little things that you need while waiting for your trip.

Bacolod pasalubong, Ceres pasalubong
I like their original piaya.

In fairness, Ceres Pasalubong products are pretty good. They can compete among the other more popular Bacolod pasalubong players who have been around many years. I especially like their Bacolod piaya, which sweet but not too flaky, thin, and aromatic because of the sesame seeds. Their cookies are good, too. The friends and family present with their products would surely love them.

Bacolod pasalubong, Ceres pasalubong
Ceres Pasalubong display at the Ceres Mart.

Ceres Pasalubong is available at the Ceres Mart at Mandalagan as well as their other Ceres Bus terminals. Next time you travel or you visit Bacolod, do remember the name–Ceres Pasalubong and bring home Bacolod pasalubong. They are open daily, from 5am to 10pm. So no reason for you to miss buying your take-home gifts. 🙂

Find Bacolod North Terminal on the map where the Ceres Bus Liner and the Ceres Mart selling Ceres Pasalubong is located.

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