Buffalo wings

Buffalo wings

Buffalo’s Wings N Things in Bacolod — Our Favorites


Buffalo’s Wings N Things Bacolod
with 15 Signature Sauces. #Bacolodeats

Buffalo's Wings N Things
Three of the many chicken wing flavors at Buffalo’s Wings N Things Bacolod — Garlic Parmesan, Basil n’ Garlic, and New York’s Finest.

Even at home, I love chicken wings (and neck, too). This part is mostly bones and skin–tender, fatty, and flavorful. So you can just imagine my delight at Buffalo’s Wings N Things Bacolod where chicken wings are their specialty and they come in 15 different flavors!

Yes, the wings at Buffalo’s come with 15 signature sauces that you can choose from. There is anything from sweet, sour, mildly spicy, to the hottest one, which you will need to sign a waiver before you can eat it. My husband survived it even without the sauce that’s supposed to neutralize the spiciness. Read his experience here: I Survived the Heat Challenge at Buffalo’s Wings and Things Bacolod

Buffalo's Wings N Things
A half pound of Wingsanity that my husband finished with out the blue cheese dip, which was supposed to kinda neutralize the spiciness.
Buffalo Wings N Things
My husband finished his half pound of Wingsanity and an order of dirty rice (along with many other things) that earned him a spot on the Wall of Flame.
Buffalo's Wings N Things
Dirty rice at Buffalo’s Wings N Things

My husband finished a half pound of Wingsanity–the hottest variant on the menu. It is Champion Buffalo Wings tossed in their ultimate fiery wing sauce that is rated 1,000,000 Scoville Hot Units (SCU). I had a wee bite but it burned on my throat. Ack! It was kinda sour, too. While I liked spicy foods, this one didn’t sit well with me. No wonder not everyone can be a “Certified Hottie”. hehe So if you are an adventurous eater who loves spicy food, dare to take this challenge and earn your spot on the Wall of Flame. You get a certificate, too. Warning: If you are new to eating spicy stuff, I suggest that you prepare your tummy beforehand. Do some research first before you dive into it.

Buffalo wings
Jalapeño Cheddar — love it because it is mildly spicy with a strong pepper taste.
Buffalo wings
I especially loved the Sriracha Garlic. It’s kinda spicy, too.
Buffalo wings
This one is not spicy and I really like the different flavors oozing from it. This is coated in roasted sesame sauce, Lovet! And for sure your kids will love it, too.

Anyway, my favorites at Buffalo’s Wings N Things there are the Sriracha Garlic, the Jalapeno Cheddar, and the Roasted Sesame. We also had the New York’s Finest and it was pretty hot but also had some sour notes. I’m just not so fond of hot and sour. Anyway, we ate all of these with cups of what they call “dirty rice”, a special spicy rice mix of Buffalo’s. Yes, they don’t have white steamed rice that we are so used to. And wow, it is just perfect with the different flavored wings.

Buffalo wings
New York’s Finest is also very spicy but also sour.

Aside from the wings and rice that are their specialty, we also had the Buffalo’s chicken quesadilla (P159), chicken fingers (P139 for a solo order), spicy chicken burrito (P179), and triple mini cheeseburger (P179) that was oozing with cheese sauce. So good! Actually, everything was good. What will matter is your preference, like the fact that I don’t like the hot and sour flavor.

Buffalo's Wings n things burrito
The beef burrito is love. P189.
Buffalo Wings cheeseburger
Look at that cheese sauce oozing from their cheeseburger. The patty is really good, too!
Buffalo's Wings N Things
Boneless chicken tenders at P139 per order.
Buffalo wings chicken quesadilla
Chicken quesadilla. This is already a meal in itself. P159.

Moreover, aside from the delicious meals, Buffalo’s Wings N Things is pretty affordable. A half pound of chicken wings is only P149, which is an ideal order. It is nice to get the half pound so that you can order several flavors if you are in a big group. You can then share them and sample everything!

By the way, we went there during their National Wing Day last month and their chicken wings were at half price. It was such a happy day as many people came to dine there or just ordered for take out.

Buffalo wings
The friendly staff of Buffalo’s Wings N Things during the National Wing Day.

Buffalo’s Wings and Things Bacolod
Located at The Billboard
23rd Lacson Streets, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Open daily from 10am to 11pm

Buffalo wings nachos
You might also want to try their nachos with salsa. My kids loved it!
Buffalo wings bacon fries
Basket of fries with cheese sauce and bacon bits. Yum! Consume while it’s hot.

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