Bacolod Christmas Displays 2015 for Family Pictorials


In Bacolod City, it is starting to look a lot like Christmas because several establishments have already put up their Yuletide decors and lighted up their trees. It is fun to drive around especially at night, seeing all those colorful lights and decors. Although some big malls have yet to have their light ups, you can already start going around for sightseeing.

There are some noteworthy Christmas displays that you might want to check out and have your photos taken so you better bring your camera and cellphones when going out so that you can have your family photos, selfies, and groufies at these sites. I will update this post as soon as I find new areas worthy to mention here. 😀

Merry Christmas, Booming Bacolod!

SM City Bacolod
Each year, Christmas is a big thing at the mall as SM City Bacolod always puts up elaborate holiday set ups as well as pop up decors around the mall. This year, their 40-foot Christmas tree is decked with shiny balls and gifts and on the middle part is a giant belt with buckle that resembles Santa’s belt. And on top of the tree is a giant Santa’s hat, too. There are gift boxes and other ornaments around. It is a great area to have your photos taken for such a colorful Christmas portrait! 😀

From afar, a scenic shot of SM City Bacolod atrium at the north wing. At the center is this 40-foot Christmas tree.
It is nice to have your photos taken in front of the SM City Bacolod Christmas display. Here, a lady takes a selfie shot that will most probably end up as her profile picture. 😀
At the back part of the Christmas part that is facing the entrance to the SM Store, you will find arrays of colorsful SM Christmas Bears of Joy for the SM campaign to bring good cheer to underprivileged children. For each bear that you buy, one bear goes to another child.

L’Fisher Hotel
Annually, L’Fisher Hotel erects a giant Christmas tree at their lobby. But this year, they added a life-sized simulation of a gingerbread house that even adults can fit into. They are using it as a display area for the Christmas treats by Cs that they are selling, which are ideal for Christmas gifts and corporate giveaways. But of course, you can always just go in and have your pictures taken there. Located at 14th-Lacson Sts., Bacolod City.

The giant Christmas tree at the lobby of L’Fisher Hotel guarded by nutcracker soldiers. So pretty and elegant!
Christmas Gingerbread house
The gingerbread house at L’Fisher Hotel is guarded by another nutcracker soldier as it contains sweets and goodies from Cs.
Adults can go in and view the displays inside the L’Fisher Hotel gingerbread house. But taller people (those who are taller than me) may have to duck. hehe

888 Chinatown Premier Mall
In the past years, the old 888 mall was always lighted during Christmastime. But since the 888 Chinatown Premier Mall has opened last month, the focus has shifted. At lobby of the new mall is a lighted up Santa Claus on his sleigh and a couple of reindeers. It is nice to have your photos taken in this area but just time your photo sesh that Santa’s sleigh doesn’t have a Segway charging its batteries in front of the set up. The security guards said that it could not be moved for whatever reason because its charging there and the cord is short and I guess there is no other place in the mall where they could charge it except on the socket inside Santa’s sled. I guess it powers up the Segway to fly, eh?

Santa's sleigh and reindeers
Santa’s sleigh and reindeers at 888 Chinatown Premier Mall.

The District North Point
At the District North Point in Talisay, there are two points of interest–the three big Christmas trees lighted in different colors at the vehicle drop off point and the Christmas village at the second floor in front of the escalators. The Christmas village is a nice spot for a family portrait because they have angled the lighting so that you wouldn’t need a flash to have a gorgeous photograph.

Three Christmas trees lighted in different colored lights greet you at the entrance of The District Nort Point in Talisay.
Find this Christmas Village at the 2nd floor of The District North Point and have your family portraits taken here.

I am one person who is keen on Christmas family portraiture so I really appreciate the fact that these establishments have put up Christmas displays where people can have their photos taken. Now our Christmas photos are more fun! 😀

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