Best Brazo de Mercedes in Bacolod City


One of my favorite desserts (okay, okay, I LOVE desserts) is Brazo de Mercedes. It is a log made of rolled fluffy meringue filled with a yellow gooey center that is supposed to be made of egg yolks and sweetened milk. I have a happy childhood memory with Brazos. My father’s office mate used to make it and it was not commercialized. It was sooo good. That is why I am picky with this dessert. And that is why not all Brazo de Mercedes are the same for me.

There are many Brazo de Mercedes recipe online but I would rather buy it than make it. The meringue may be tedious but most bakeshops can easily do it. The deciding point for me is the yellow center. If it is orangey in color or is rather translucent and not milky, solid, bright yellow, I don’t even dare try anymore. I would know the taste and I know that I wouldn’t like it. The second is the size, of course. the stuffing in the middle should be considerably big. The entire roll could be huge but it could all be meringue fluff and the middle could just be the size of a Mongol pencil. So, no thanks.

That is why these three Brazo de Mercedes are tops for me here in Bacolod City. They are not exactly the same in taste and texture, but I like them all just the same. I don’t really like frozen Brazos either–they take away the softness and distinct taste of the regular Brazos.

But if you swear by someone’s Brazos and you want me to try it and include it in this listing, just leave me a comment below and I will try to find it. 😀

1. Brazo de Mercedes by Cake Castle Bacolod. Cake Castle is known for their creative event cakes and frozen desserts that you can also find at SM Supermarket, but I also lurve their Brazo de Mercedes so much! Just look at the gooey yellow center! Yum! Best to order them beforehand if you want to buy to make sure that they have something to offer you. Cake Castle has a branch at Galo-Lopez Jaena Sts. and at B.S. Aquino Drive across Riverside Medical Center. Call them at 476-3654, 0917 309 4298, or 0932 842 6664.

Look how big that yellow center is! Brazo de Mercedes by Cake Castle of Bacolod.

2. Brazo de Mercedes by Sofia Breads and Pastries. Sofia is known for their great tasting and quality breads that is comparable to international brands but at a fraction of the cost. They also have yummy cakes, too. I have already included their ube cake in my other blog post. But I also like Brazo de Mercedes. A little more expensive than that of Nature’s Restaurant, but not exorbitant. Visit them at Narra Avenue, Shopping, Bacolod City. Tel. No. (034) 435 1803. Related story: Best Ube Cakes in Bacolod

Brazo de Mercedes by Sofia Bread and Pastries has a sugar dusted surface.

3. Brazo de Mercedes by Nature’s Restaurant. Nature’s Restaurant has long been known as an affordable Chinese family restaurant. But it is little known that they also a great loaf bread and cakes, too. But for me, I really like their Brazos de Mercedes. And it is affordable, too. 😀 Visit them along Narra Avenue, Shopping, Bacolod City. They are open for lunch and dinner. Tel. 435-1961.

The Brazo de Mercedes by Nature’s Restaurant is a bit dry but still yummy in the middle. hehe

3 thoughts on “Best Brazo de Mercedes in Bacolod City

  1. Talking about Brazos de Mercedes, if you are in South (Sum-ag area), try Allied Superette’s version. It can give your 5 choices a run for your money. It’s not as big as those you presented in the article but the taste is so good especially the filling. It is best to call first rather than drive all the way there just to buy because it’s made to order. Also try their coconut macaroons. To Die For!

    1. Really?? Wow! This I gotta try. It’s not cupcake? Maybe I will have to go straight here after I buy some pots at Pahanocoy. Thank you so much for the tip! 😀

  2. Brazos de Mercedes from Cake house in front of Lopues San Sebastián is the best! Trust me —— I’m addicted to brazos

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