Ants Begone: TAT Ant Bait vs. TERRO Liquid Ant Killer Review


There is only one word that can describe my relationship with ants—HATE. That is why we have experimented with several ways to exterminate or at least minimize their presence in our home. We tried TAT Ant Bait and TERRO Liquid Ant Killer. And there is my review. But when they become too much of a pest, you can already call professionals. Check out

I Hate Ants!

Yes, I abhor ants! I hate them because they spoil food and their bites really sting. They also nibble at our clothes and leave little holes. The black ants do not really bite, but I still don’t like them because they can crawl over everything including all over your body.

And the worse is, they bite my daughter Dindin and leave really dark ugly marks on her skin that stay for a long time. Many times, the bites get infected, too, and probably get very itchy because then Dindin would have several sleepless nights. She would toss and turn because of the itchiness until the bites get healed. So that means sleepless nights for us, too.

So you understand why I hate them. While I know that we learn a lot of lessons from ants, I just don’t like them anywhere near my family. I would squish each and every single ant within my reach. I would spray insecticide on swarms and lines. I would put chalk around the room.

TAT Ant Bait and TERRO Liquid Ant Killer Review

Without further ado, here is my review of the two ant killers we got from the market.

TAT Ant Bait

Then we found this ant poison called TAT Ant Bait. It is supposed to be “sweet and grease eating”, whatever that means, but it is on the can. Its active ingredient is Propoxur. One box contains four canisters of 4.7grams each. It is quite expensive at almost P200 because it is imported from the Walco-Linck Company of New York.

Tat Ant Bait. This is supposed to kill ants–as it says on the label.

How TAT Ant Bait Works

Now the effect is supposed to be that when you open the can, the ants will be lured to the holes on the side. They will eat the poison and then be able to bring some back to their colonies where they can share the poison to the other ants, thus killing the colony. But we have not seen the ants go anywhere near the can nor have we noticed a dramatic change in the numbers of the ants in the house. And yes, we placed them near ant trails.

I really thought that this product would work, but it didn’t for us. Too bad we just wasted money on the TAT Ant Bait.

Terror Liquid Ant Killer

TERRO Liquid Ant Killer

While we were having dinner with some friends last time, we got to talk about ants infesting our homes.

Then one couple mentioned about using TERRO Ant Killer, how easy it is to use, how effective, and how cost-efficient and it was only available at the Handyman at Robinsons Place.

I got excited with the thought of having a poison that can get rid of ants in the room as well as kill those in the colony. Finally, a solution to our ant problem that has worked for our friends.

So we bought Terro. The 1 oz bottle of the liquid ant killer costs P200 but since it was on sale at 20%, we got one for only P160. I only got one because we were told that it would only take a few drops to use each time.

The packaging of the TERRO Liquid Ant Killer. Photo from the internet.

Terro is supposed to kill all household ants because its active ingredient is Borax. It is made by Senoret Chemical Company in the US.

To use, we put some drops of Terro on small pieces of cardboard that came with the packaging and we put them near ant trails but not near areas where food is handled or contained. The ants eat the liquid (which possibly tastes good because the ants are attracted to it) and then stay alive long enough to bring the liquid back to their homes.

These cardboard cutouts came with the TERRO packaging. But when they become soggy, you can just cut pieces from old cardboard boxes. Photo from

Our Experience

I think that it is effective because the two types of ants that were always seen in our bedroom are already gone after several days. But in the kitchen, now that is a different story. Long lines of ants go to and fro the kitchen walls. I have put so much Terro there already and after 5 days, there are still many ants. And these ants have colonies outside the house, so that means they are a pretty large group. And they are dirty ants because the cardboard where I put Terro always ends up really dirty.

Up until now, I continue to put Terro and new ants keep coming in the house. Oh well, it is not yet two weeks. On the packaging of Terro it says that it may take up to 2 weeks to completely eradicate a colony. So I shall continue. And I think that this is really worth it.

And by the way, I did not know that there so many kinds of ants!

On the packaging of Terro, I learned that there are Argentine ants, Ghost ants, Cornfield ants, pavement ants, acrobat ants, white footed ants, little black ants, odorous house ants, CRAZY ANTS, big-headed ants, and other sweet eating ants. Imagine! There are still others!

So if you have an ant problem in your home, I would recommend TERRO Liquid Ant Killer.

Note: I bought both products and used them before reviewing. All opinion are mine. I was not compensated to write this.

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  1. This is stupid. You recommend Terro on the basis that it attracts ants but you didn’t even wait to see if it killed them?

    1. Hi! It’s available at Handyman at Robinsons Place. The only place I know because it’s not available at Ace Hardware.

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