Bacolod beads store

Bacolod beads store

Bead Bugz Beading and Crafts Supply Store


Bead Bugz: Bacolod Bead Store

While we see many beautiful bead jewelry creations displayed in malls and specialty shops, there is still much satisfaction in making your own. It brings out your innate artistry plus you get a sense of pride if you get praised for your work from adoring friends and even strangers. Moreover, if it is your creation, you are sure that there is nothing like it out there–it is unique, just like you are. So it becomes your signature.

Bead Bugz is located at Booth 39, 2/F Central Bazaar, Ayala Malls Capitol Central, Bacolod City.
This is just one side of Bead Bugz–a display rack with strands upon strands of different colorful beads.
This pliers is your most important tool in beading.

With the many people, young and old, male and female dabbling in making their own jewelry here in Bacolod, it was inevitable that we needed a beading supply store with an extensive collection of beads, strings, cords, wires, cutters, and all the other requirements and tools to make beautifully crafted jewelry pieces.

Bead Bugz

Thankfully, an avid Bacolod jewelry maker, Eva Lizares Si, put up Bead Bugz, which is the only beading supply store in the city with an extensive collection of what you need to make your own jewelry. Eva is the keen eye and hand behind the ChiEvs Stones and Crystals, whose creations are displayed at the Negros Showroom at Robinsons Place Bacolod and Lacson St. She also sometimes joins bazaars at the mall here and in Manila.

When you visit the Bead Bugz shop, you will be greeted with neatly arranged strands upon strands of crystal, stone, wood, ceramic, plastic, and what have you kind of beads. And most importantly, they are selling the materials you need to put all the beads together, including the pliers and clips, to create your own masterpieces.

Jewelry Design Ideas

They also have a board for jewelry design ideas in order to inspire you to create your version or to get you started. And if there is really something that you like that they don’t have at the moment, you can place an order and Eva will surely find a supplier for you. She has many reliable international suppliers for rare beads and stones.

Some of the items that you will see at Bead Bugz.
Different colored ball chains available at Bead Bugz for necklaces, bracelets, and tags.
You need these to strand. Available at Bead Bugz.

You may also find it interesting that Eva sells high grade precious stones like diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald with certificates at good rates. They also offer jewelry setting services. You will have to contact Eva directly on their Facebook page for inquiries and orders. Her wedding jewelry collection is breathtaking and reasonably priced, too. Click here:

The inspiration wall–you can also get design ideas from Bead Bugz to get you started.
More stuff that you need for beading, only at Bead Bugz.

Visit their air-conditioned store and be amazed with all the beading supplies that they have.


A beading supply store
Located at Booth 39, 2/F Central Bazaar, Ayala Malls Capitol Central, Bacolod City
Facebook page:
Open Mondays to Saturdays, 9am to 6pm. You may contact them at Mobile: 09228295223

Note: All photos from Bead Bugz.

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