18th st. palapala buffet

18th ST PALAPALA BACOLOD: What to Order


for Delectable Seafood Dishes

18th St. Palapala buffet
Our feast at 18th St. Palapala–seafood heaven! We had a lovely assortment of different dishes cooked in different ways–different flavors to excite the palate!

A big part of your dining satisfaction lies not merely on your choice of Bacolod restaurant but also in the combination of dishes that you order, especially if you dine in a group and just share different dishes. You cannot order mostly fried, mostly tomato sauce-y, mostly spicy, and such. You must have an interesting combination of sweet, spicy, fried, grilled, soupy, saucy, etc. in order for your plate to be filled and your palate to be satisfied.

18th St. Palapala
Bacolod 18th St. Palapala has ample parking space for diners. The place looks like it’s fiesta all year round with the colorful buntings always found on over their roof. Located at 18th-Aguinaldo Sts., Bacolod City.

Such is what Sylvia Lopez Golez of 18th St Palapala here in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, has taught us. It is not enough to order what you fancy–dishes should be carefully thought out and properly combined to appreciate all the flavors in your meal. Mrs. Golez, president of the Hotel and Restaurant Association (HRANO) and author of the cookbook called “Namit“, allowed us to taste different dishes at her restaurant in order for us to fully appreciate what they have to offer.

From the name itself, 18th St. Palapala offers “paluto” service. This means that daily, you will find an interesting mix of fresh seafood on display by their wet counter. You can choose what you want, how big you want it (based on grams or kg), then have it cooked your way (i.e. grilled, with soup, fried, etc.). Cooking charges apply and are already incorporated in the cost of the seafood. That is what is called the “pala-pala” practice here in Bacolod City.

However, 18th St. Pala is more than that. They also have delicious ala carte menus made from the freshest ingredients as well as a “turo-turo” fast food counter of all-time Filipino favorites for those who do not wish to wait for their orders to be cooked.

During the visit of the Negros Bloggers at this iconic Bacolod restaurant, Mrs. Golez and her brother Teodoro Lopez III treated us to a sumptuous lunch that you may as well label “Bounty from the Sea“. One after the other, our senses were delighted at the sight and smell at the dishes they brought in that we couldn’t wait to dig in. Here they are in photos, only from 18th St. Palapala.


18th St. Palapala kinilaw
Tangigue Kinilaw, P70/100 grams. The classic Ilonggo appetizer of raw fish steeped in vinegar and served with vegetables and salted egg. Yumeeeeh!
18th St. Palapala fish head
Lapu-lapu Fish Head in Bell Pepper Sauce, P80/100g. Don’t be deceived with this fish head. It still has a lot of meat and since it’s the head part, it’s so flavorful. This one is mildly spicy.
18th St. Palapala grilled blue marlin
Grilled Blue Marlin, P64/100g. Basted in butter and grilled to perfection, just enough to retain its juiciness.
18th St. Palapala shrimps
Peppered Shrimp , P107/100g. Sauteed and peppery–for those who love peppercorns like us!
18th St. Palapala shrimps
Steamed Shrimp in Lemon Butter Sauce, P87/100 g. Oh soooo good!
18th St. Palapala sisig
The classic pork sisig served 18th St. Pala-pala style.
18th St. Palapala Bouillabaisse
The Fisherman’s Delight, P750. An assortment of seafood and crisp greens cooked in butter and coconut milk–a Filipino twist to the French dish, Bouillabaisse. I think this dish is unique to 18th St. Palapala, at least here in Bacolod.

18th St. Palapala Services and Function Rooms

I must say that 18th St. Palapala has significantly improved since I have been here more than 2 years ago. I loved how they spruced up the place. There is a big open area that’s not air conditioned but seemed comfortable enough. The place is clean, too. And it seems there are more choices in the seafood and turo-turo dishes. Mrs. Golez said that they do update their menu from time to time if they discover something nice that they can incorporate in their offerings. In short, they evolve, too, in order to better serve their customers. So again, you can choose the fresh seafood you like and have them cooked to your preference.

18th St Palapala paluto
An assortment of fresh seafood for “paluto” — fish, shells, scallops, crawfish, shrimps, squid, and crabs. Yum!
18th St Palapala turo-turo
The turo-turo counter at 18th St. Palapala. More choices among all-time Filipino favorites.
18th St. Palapala
Open dining area at 18th St. Palapala.

And again, 18th St. Palapala has been around many years and has undergone several renovations. Their most recent remodeling included more comfortable function rooms for small to medium gatherings. Function rooms have consumable rentals and the rates are, as follows:

20 pax – minimum of P8000
40 pax – minimum of P14,000
60 pax – minimum of P20,000

They have a pre-set menu or they can also work around your budget. Just visit them to know what they can offer you.

18th St. Palapala function room
The biggest function room at 18th St. Palapala that can accommodate up to 80 pax.

Bacolod 18th St. Palapala Seafood Grill & Restaurant is located at Corner 18th and Aguinaldo Streets, Capitol Subdivision, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Philippines. They are open daily, from 7am to 11pm, so yeah, they serve breakfast! They accept cash and credit card payments. For inquiries and reservations, call Tel. No. 034-433 9153.

18th St. Palapala coffee
After lunch, coffee drinkers would be happy to know that they also serve different kinds of coffee. Photo by www.MeainBacolod.com

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