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D’z Wings Fine Sauces and Dips at 888 Chinatown Square Premier

chicken wings
Our spread at D’z Wings Fine Dips and Sauces

I love chicken wings! I love this part because it is not so sinewy and for the small part that it is, it has a lot of skin. Dare to bare! Anyway, since there is not much muscle into it, most of the time, the chicken wings get burned, especially when the chicken is roasted. And that makes me sad, after all, there is only a pair for every bird. huhu

D'z Wings
D’z Wings Fine Sauces and Dips, located at the 2nd Floor of 888 Chinatown Square Premier Mall.

So when a restaurant opens that specializes in wings, you wanna fly–literally! And such is the specialty of D’z Wings Fine Sauces and Dips, located at the 2nd floor of 888 Chinatown Square Premier Mall, Gatuslao Street, Bacolod City. Well, they are not actually a restaurant but a food stall and their diners have to eat in the common dining area of the mall. But they do serve the orders to the customers, so still special service.

D'z Buffalo Wings
Buffalo wings with honey mustard dip and French fries on the side. At D’z Wings.
Cheezy wings
Single order of cheezy wings with rice and garlic aioli dip. At D’z Wings.

D’z Wings aims to offer to the Bacolod market a special gourmet experience even in the fast food setting. They do not want to compromise quality over speed. This concept restaurant was developed by none other than French pastry chef Denis Laumone of L’Fisher Hotel and Cs, who has now very much embraced Bacolod life. Calling himself the “Wingmaster”, Chef Denis has spent many years in the United States observing and tasting Chicken Wings in the best places where they are served. Eventually, he spent more years elaborating on the elements of D’z Wings Sauces and Dips. When he felt that he reached the level of satisfaction that he wanted, he thought it was time for Bacolod City to experience it, too. So D’z Wings was born.

D'z Wings with Korean sauce
This is the Korean Gochujang wings, spicy yet sour, served with French Tartare sauce and rice. I think these are perfect for the cravings of a lady with PMS.

The eight flavors of the wings to choose from are Buffalo, Korean Gochujang, Mango Spicy Twist,
Garlic Parmesan, D’z Bbq, Teriyaki, Hawaiian, and Cheezy. You will know if it is spicy because of the chili icons on the menu board, as well as the level of spiciness. As for the dips, they have French Tartare, Honey Mustard, Garlic Aioli, and Thai Peanut Mayo. As you can see, just basing on the flavors available, these are not food court standard fare. I personally like the Korean Gochujang (which I can’t pronounce correctly), Garlic Parmesan, and the Cheezy, which is perfect for kids. Although Buffalo is listed as the most spicy at 3 chilis, I think that Gochujang is spicier. haha And perfect for ladies with PMS, too. haha

D'z Wings
For those who are worried about eating with their hands, plastic gloves are provided. Weeeee Imagine that. From a food court stall. But for us, we didn’t use them. We had wet wipes. hahaha
D'z Wings
The little one while impatiently waiting for her food. At D’z Wings.

To enjoy the wings, they have a couple of individual meals. At P129, you get 150g of wings, with 1 flavor, 1 dip, rice, and drink. For P139, the rice can be swapped into regular French fries. But if you want to just have wings, you can order them in 1/4 kilo (P189), half kilo (P379), and one kilo (P759) packages that come in 1 flavor and 1 dip, 2 flavors and 2 dips, and 4 flavors and 4 dips, respectively. This will give you more exciting flavors in just a single order.

brownie ala mode and beignets
Brownie ala mode and beignets at D’z Wings. All-American desserts!

And of course, D’z Wings would not be complete without dessert. After all, Chef Denis is a pastry chef. Must-try on the menu are their American brownie ala mode, Louisiana beignets, and those yummy Popsifudge at only P20 each. So yum, especially the white one!

Dindin has only learned about Louisiana beignets in the movie, The Princess and the Frog. And now she has tasted them for real and she loved it! She actually finished this entire cup! And this is quite unusual because she doesn’t eat a lot. She must loved it so much! 😀

For those who don’t want wings, they also have other gourmet fried chicken parts–but with different flavors as the wings. They also have the chicken sisig rice and chicken sandwich. Another must-try is their flavored fries–oh, I so love the Garlic Parmesan flavor!

Garlic parmesan fries
Garlic Parmesan Fries by D’z Wings. Oh soooo good! Not crunchy because of the sauce, but soooo flavorful. Two thumbs up!
chicken burger
Chicken burger at D’z Wings.
chicken sisig
Chicken sisig rice at D’z Wings.

Since D’z is in a food court setting, it is already a given that the food is easy on the budget but very abundant in flavor. Their fried wings come in eight different sauces and four different dips, so you have a lot to choose from.

D’z Wings Fine Sauces and Dips is located in the food court area, 2nd floor, 888 Chinatown Square Premier Mall here in Bacolod City. They are open during mall hours. Take away boxes are also available.

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