Why Acer DLP Projectors Are The Best in the Market Today


As the years go by, all the more we see the need for better quality projectors. They are being used everywhere! Information, whether text or video, needs to be shared to many people and the most convenient way to do it is to “project” the image on a wall for everyone to see.

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But I learned that not all projectors are the same. There’s the regular LCD projector that we have been accepting all these years and yet there are far more superior projectors that I learned about more recently.

These are the Acer DLP Projectors and they are the best in the market today. Learn more about them.

Features of Acer DLP Projectors
1. No screen door effect
2. No ghosting
3. Smaller form factor
4. Lower total cost of ownership
5. Fast switching speed

Acer DLP Projector color performance as compared to LCD projectors. Image from Acer.

Five Types of Acer DLP Projectors
Yes, there is an Acer DLP Project for all your needs.
Imagine a projector that is the size of your wallet? Yes, it is possible and Acer has it. You can share your ideas wherever you go with the Acer Portable LED Projectors. Even when you’re on the road, you can present your ideas without needing a computer.

These are best value projectors that are ideal for everyday use. They have high brightness, high contrast, and DLP® 3D Ready2. They cover just the basics yet you still get the best quality projection.

With projection this crisp and bright, even your most complex concepts will be grasped easily by associates, clients, or students. The high resolution and brilliant color of Acer’s Large-Venue Series projectors will let the power of your ideas shine through, and their top-notch technologies will keep you in complete control. Perfect for those who cover weddings, concerts, and other big events.

This is truly awesome. You can show movies on a very big scale that can reach up to 300 inches or 762 cm in size, employing a billion colors with astonishing clarity. You can make your living room your personal multiplex for an unparalleled cinematic experience.

Acer’s Education Series DLP projectors project clear, large images from either a distance or even when positioned conveniently close to the projection screen. Their flexibility makes them ideal for use in big education facilities or a small classroom. Their high resolution makes for clear and detailed big screen images, while color enhancement features deliver vivid hues. Surely, students will not be bored with the visuals. It now depends on the lecturer.

The smallest Acer DLP Projector. Perfect for your need. Image from Acer.

So if you are considering to buy a new projector and this is your first, or you just want to replace the old one, do check out Acer DLP Projectors. I think they are the best ones out there today. There is one for every need. Visit an Acer dealer nearest you. In Bacolod, you can ask BCG Computers and Po’s Digital.

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