Villa Iska Beach Resort - Bacolod resort

Villa Iska Beach Resort - Bacolod resort

Villa Iska Beach Resort: Staycation in Bacolod


Villa Iska Beach Resort

Villa Iska Beach Resort is a great choice for a family staycation in Bacolod.

Villa Iska Bacolod staycation
The two swimming pools at Villa Iska as seen from the viewing deck.

Family Staycation

Sometimes, you just need to get away but you don’t really have a lot of time to travel far nor the budget for a grand vacation. So you opt for a family staycation, wherever you may be. Here in Bacolod, one nice play to stay is Villa Iska Beach Resort, located at Pta. Tay Tay, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philippines.

Villa Iska staycation in Bacolod
Our second day. This was taken early in the morning when there were no other guests in the pool and the sea met the pool’s horizon. The water was calm so what came out was this perfect shot.

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Villa Iska Beach Resort

Villa Iska is a small resort, sticking out like a well-heeled lady among rows of rugged beach resorts along Pta. Tay Tay. Not only is it manicured, it is the only one with white sand, thanks to the no-holds-barred development that the management undertook.

Villa Iska staycation in Bacolod
The entire length of Villa Iska Resort. The entrance arc can be seen from this point.

Since it’s a long weekend, we went there after lunch on a Sunday and check into their family room called the “Pink Suite” because their rooms are identified per color. It is a big room with a king-sized bed and a living room with sofas. Our whole family of four (2 adults and 2 young kids) can fit nicely in the bed and because of the living room, we were able to bring the kids’ babysitter. We brought a long a mat and bedding but she opted to sleep on the sofa. It is so nice to have such a big room like this because we were able to bring her. Such a big help!

Villa Iska staycation in Bacolod
As soon as we got to Villa Iska, the kids immediately went swimming in the kiddie pool, which was shaded by the tall palm trees.

Just as soon as we settled down in the room, the kids got antsy to go swimming, even if it’s 2:30 in the afternoon! But thankfully, the kiddie pool was under the shade of big palm trees, so they were able to enjoy the water without getting burned.

Villa Iska Resort staycation in Bacolod
The hotel rooms are near the entrance and are lined up on one side. But nothing to worry because the resort is gated and there’s a guard on duty for 24 hours.

We joined them late in the afternoon and we went swimming until after 6 pm. Then we dried up and looked for a nearby place to have our dinner as their cafe closes at 7pm. Instead, we went to the Pta. Tay Tay Viewing Deck, which was just nearby. Read the story here: Yummy Seafood Dishes at Pta. Tay Tay Viewing Deck

Villa Iska staycation in Bacolod
This castle-like structure is the cafe that serves breakfast until early dinner.

Early Beach Mornings

The following day, I woke up really early and took a walk around the resort. It was nice and quiet. I woke up the kids around 6:30 and we enjoyed playing in the sand while there was nobody else around and the sun was not yet high in the sky.

Villa Iska staycation in Bacolod
The kids enjoyed playing on the white sand–a luxury in Bacolod because we don’t have white sand beaches here.

We brought along our sand toys so we made sand sculptures. Then we went swimming again. We checked out around 12 noon so that we can head out for a late lunch. All in all, we were all happy with our break. The kids were happy to have spent hours in the pool while the parents enjoyed some rest.

Villa Iska staycation in Bacolod
Our king sized bed.

We are so thankful that we were able to bring the sitter so that we could take a nap when we wanted to without the kids nagging us to bring them to pool. What a great Bacolod staycation!

Villa Iska staycation in Bacolod
We had a flatscreen TV in the room with limited cable access. That was fine, we only watched a cooking channel the whole time.

Contact Information

Villa Iska Beach Resort is just at the southern part of Bacolod City. It is near and you can bring your car, because there is a gated parking lot just across the resort. It is clean and affordable, too. It’s not five-star accommodations but is enough for an enjoyable stay.

Villa Iska staycation in Bacolod
The spacious living room–you can bring extra mattresses or sleeping bags here.

For inquiries and reservations, please call Villa Iska Beach Resort at (034) 476 8523. They also have function rooms for rent for special occasions. Or you may reserve the courtyard for a beach party. Just a reminder: NO PETS ALLOWED in the resort. Like Villa Iska on Facebook:

Villa Iska Entrance Fees 2016

Here are the rates of Villa Iska Beach Resort as of 2016.

  • Weekends
    P100 – entrance for 5 years old and older
    P50 – entrance for 4 years old and below
  • Weekdays
    P75 – entrance for 5 years old and older
    P45 – entrance for 4 years old and below

Family room – P2800 for 4 pax*
Single rooms – P1,800 for 2 pax*

*Room rates come with free entrance the resort good for a particular number of persons. Additional guests have to pay separate entrance fees.

Villa Iska staycation in Bacolod
Thank you to Villa Iska’s Cate Cabuga for allowing us this stay.

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  1. Villa Iska resort is gorgeous and looks kid-friendly. Entrance fees are so cheap, too! YOu can practically visit this every week!

  2. A great family staycation,so nice place and the food looks delicious,im sure family would enjoy all the amenities

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