Funatix Lasertag now in Bacolod


Enter a dark world and shoot your enemies down
at Funatix Lasertag Bacolod!
Located at SM City Bacolod.

Funatix lasertag Bacolod
Each vest is coded by color. The color is your team. There are five colors to choose from.

For fans of role playing games, how would you like your fantasies realized? Introducing the Funatix Lasertag experience, now available until November 2016 at the north wing of SM City Bacolod.

Funatix lasertag Bacolod
This is what the play area looks like. But it is going to be dimmer during actual games. Can you spot the players? Then they should hide.

At the Funatix Lasertag, you get 500 sq. meters of playing space with friends as well as with people you don’t know but who share your interest in this fun game. It’s a mixture of thrill, fun, and excitement as you try to escape your opponents and hit as many people as possible.

How Funatix Lasertag Works

Laser tag is a real-time laser precision and interactive game in an indoor arena where all players attempt to score points by “tagging” or shooting targets and opponents with a Phaser Gun. Each player will need to outsmart and outrun his opponents. The guns use class 2 lasers so they are completely safe, even for the eyes. All the scores will be generated live via online server and will be recorded to compete with world laser tag rankings.

Funatix lasertag Bacolod
The scoreboard. Scores are recorded online and will compete against the world record.

It is best to go to Funatix as a group so that you can play as a team and maximize the fun. If you win, you get bragging rights, too. You can choose your teammates and each team is classified per color.

When you enter the play area, you will have to watch a video instruction. You will be led into a dimly-lit room where you are made to wear lighted vests with target points in front, at the back, two shoulders. The vest also has an attached Phaser gun. In this room, you can also leave your belongs by hanging them on the number assigned to your person. The vests are hanged by numbers and when you get them, they are already pre-programmed with your code name. Choose an interesting or a cool code name because you will be known by that in the laser tag world. :p

Funatix lasertag Bacolod
Activated vests.

All of the players go inside the room together and the systems will be simultaneously activated. It is up to you where you will hide to maximize your position and give you the most playing advantage.

Every time you hit somebody, you are scored. When you get hit, your vest and gun will be deactivated for six seconds. So use that time to hide or change your position. Once you are reactivated, you can begin “shooting” again.

Funatix Laser tag playing time: 20 minutes

Funatix lasertag Bacolod
The laser gun is attached to the vest. Don’t drop them.

Funatix Dos and Dont’s

Here are some things that you should do and should not do when at the Funatix Lasertag.
1. Don’t wear light-colored shirts because you will be easily spotted.
2. Don’t wear slippers because you will easily slip and stumble in the dimly lit playing area.
3. No climbing and running.
4. Leave your valuables behind so that you are free to move around.
5. Children at least 7 years old can join but they should also be big enough to carry the weight of the vest. My 7-year-old daughter didn’t enjoy so much because she kept on complaining that the vest was too heavy for her.

Lasertag costs P180 per 20 minutes. Prizes will vary and they will announce promos at their Facebook page. Soon they will add the Lasermaze and the Escape Room.

Funatix Lasertag opens today, September 10, 2016, at the north wing SM City Bacolod (in front of All Flip Flops).

Funatix Lasertag Bacolod
Funatix Lasertag is located at the north wing, SM City Bacolod.

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  1. So much fun! Best played with a big group because the banter is hilarious. Small groups work just as well! Cool or funny codenames, yes! Our group went by our radio codes so it turned out to be a world war! LOL.

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