eat all you can yakiniku bacolod

eat all you can yakiniku bacolod

The YAKINIKU ROOM at L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod: Meat All You Can


Meat lovers’ haven–
The Yakiniku Room at
L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod

eat all you can yakiniku bacolod
Meat all you can Yakiniku at The Yakiniku Room of L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod.

For the sake of health, we try to limit our meat intake. But since my husband and I are predominantly carnivorous, there are really days when we would crave for meat—lots of it…with lots of rice, too. What can I say? We love to eat.

One of the things that we enjoy is a yakiniku meal. And we especially enjoyed our visit at The Yakiniku Room of L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod, located at 14th-15th Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. It is one of the Bacolod restaurants that offer eat all you can yakiniku.

While the hotel offers regular buffet meals every weekend at their Ripples Restaurant, not too many people know that they have an eat all you can yakiniku offered daily at The Yakiniku Room, which is located just beside (or behind) the Ripples.

eat all you can yakiniku bacolod
Soup, sauces, kimchi, and rice will be served first.

When you are seated, you will be offered miso soup, appetizers, and then dipping sauce. You can choose between sweet or spicy. Of course, we had both sauces so that we can try them. Then the meats came out. We were provided with six kinds: beef tenderloin, pork loin, pork belly, beef belly, and two kinds of chicken meat (taken from different parts). The meats were already seasoned. Just ask the waiter for refills for anything and they are quick to do it.

eat all you can yakiniku bacolod
Beef belly
eat all you can yakiniku bacolod
Beef tenderloin
eat all you can yakiniku bacolod
Chicken meat
eat all you can yakiniku bacolod
Pork belly
eat all you can yakiniku bacolod
Pork loin
eat all you can yakiniku bacolod
Assorted vegetables

We started with the soup first. You may opt to skip it so that you will have more room in your tummy, or you may sip some to expand and warm your tummy before indulging in such a heavy meal. I did the latter.

Then I started grilling for my husband and myself. I tried dipping the meats in both sauces and I loved the combinations. However, I also tried eating the meats without the sauces and I preferred it that way. You see the meats were already seasoned so they have enough flavour already. Plus, since the seasoning was not very strong, I was able to enjoy the natural flavors of the meat without the masking of the sauce. Plus, I get to them hot enough without the sauce slightly cooling the meat. I like it that way. And I also like the fact that their meats were juicy and tender.v

eat all you can yakiniku bacolod
I enjoy grilling meats. Tip: Do it quickly so that the meats don’t dry up and toughen.

I don’t know how many slices I had but I had quite enough that when my tummy signalled that it was good, I stopped. I did manage to finish ¾ of my rice bowl plus a Mason jar full of cocktail. Felt pretty good and still had room for dessert.

What is Yakiniku?

According to wikipedia, “Yakiniku (焼き肉 or 焼肉), meaning “grilled meat”, is a Japanese term which, in its broadest sense, refers to grilled meat dishes. “Yakiniku” originally referred to the “barbecue” of western food, which was given by Japanese writer Kanagaki Robun (仮名垣魯文) in his literature, “Seiyo Ryoritsu” (meaning “western food handbook”), in 1872 (The Meiji period).[1] Meat has been eaten in Japan since the Jōmon period. However, the rise of Buddhism made the eating of meat tabooed, and consequently some people have theorized that meat “disappeared” from the table from the Middle Ages to the Edo period.[2] The term “yakiniku” became associated with Korean-derived cuisine during the early Showa period.[3][4][5][6][7][8] Due to the Korean War, Korean restaurants in Japan were divided into North Korean (Kita Chōsen) and South Korean (Kankoku); “yakiniku restaurant” arose as a politically correct term to refer to restaurants of either type.”

Tips on Enjoying Yakiniku

  1. Turn fire to medium heat. If the flame is too big, your meat will burn fast and you will have to act fast. If the heat is too low, the meat can dry up and of course, it takes longer to cook. Medium flame will allow you to leisurely cook your meat while enjoying your meal.
  2. Do not overcook your meat. Meats are tender and flavorful when grilled quickly, after all, they are sliced very thinly (about 1.5 mm each). Over medium heat, you can cook it about a minute or two per side and then flip it over.
  3. For chicken meat, it is best to cook it through in order to kill the bacteria in the raw meat, as the slices are chunkier.
  4. To better enjoy the flavors, I put the meat from the grill onto my rice bowl, put my slice of meat into my mouth followed by rice on a chopstick. With that I preserve the juices and flavors of the meat, as it does not pass through my plate.
  5. Go slow on the rice. Needless to say, you will easily get full on the rice so you can no longer enjoy the many meats in front you.
  6. Don’t eat too fast, it will cause indigestion. Cook, eat, and savor on your food at an easy pace while enjoying conversations around the dinner table.
  7. If you prefer, have a soda with your meal so as to help in digestion. If not, have hot tea afterwards.
  8. While this is eat all you can and people tend to overindulge on such occasions, don’t count the number of plates you have consumed. Instead, listen to your stomach. A belly ache is not worth it because meat takes longer to digest.
eat all you can yakiniku bacolod
Our grill full of assorted meats.

The Yakiniku Room at L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod

The unlimited meal at Yakiniku Room is available daily, from 11am to 2pm for lunch and 6pm to 11pm for dinner. It is P599 per pax + service charge. It is inclusive of unlimited soup, rice, kimchi, and of course, meats. Drinks not included.



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