TeeBox Boutique Bacolod Opens at 888 Chinatown Square Premier Mall

TeeBox at the 888 Chinatown Square Premier Mall
TeeBox at their new location at the ground floor of the 888 Chinatown Square Premier Mall.

TeeBox–a locally-owned boutique has re-opened at their new and more accessible location at the ground floor of the 888 Chinatown Square Premier Mall last Dec. 12, 2015.

Owned by five lady friends, namely the sisters Michelle Uy and Cindy Go, as well as the sisters Gina Ramos, Patricia Kilayko, and Bing Ramos, TeeBox is a melding of style ideas by five unique individuals who have different tastes in fashion. TeeBox specializes in chic, comfortable, and classic wearables that are timeless. They are not into faddish styles, as they would rather cater to the upwardly mobile set who have a particular fashion sense.

TeeBox opening day
Shoppers take advantage of the 10% off on opening day at TeeBox.

One of the owners, Michelle Uy, said that most of their merchandise are imported from Thailand, which they would personally pick from their trusted suppliers when they go there. They always check the quality of the products that they purchase to make sure that they only offer the best. Aside from imported articles, they also have customized apparel made by their in-house seamstresses. “If we find a nice fabric, we buy it, and have custom-made pieces done,” Michelle said. She also said that they do not stock so much on each item as they do not want their patrons complaining that there are a lot of copies of their outfits. So even if the items were locally sewn, Michelle explains that they do not have a particular style that they already offered if it runs out of stock. That’s their advantage over other clothes shop.

TeeBox owners and model
TeeBox owners, Michelle Uy and with their image model Jocelyn Cone.

TeeBox offers classic casual tops, pants, maxi dresses, and some bags. Visit them at their store at 888 Chinatown Square Premier Mall. They are open daily, from 10am to 9pm. They also sell online through their Facebook account. Follow TeeBox on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tee.box.5

Family and friends supported TeeBox during their opening day. Here are more photos during the event:
TeeBox guests
TeeBox opening
TeeBox Bacolod opening

John Arceo
Mellany Yap-Arceo, wife of local celebrity John Arceo.

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