Squad Bistro - Bacolod restaurants - chicken galantina

Squad Bistro - Bacolod restaurants - chicken galantina

SQUAD BISTRO Bacolod Restaurant Squad Goals


Squad Bistro Bacolod restaurant is a great hang out for your squad goals.

Squad Bistro is a new Bacolod restaurant serving great-tasting meals at prices that are great for your pocket. They are located at The Billboard, at the back of Outdoor Master, 24th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. They are at the last door of this commercial area.

Squad Bistro - Bacolod restaurants - chicken galantina
Whole chicken galantina is available at Squad Bistro.

A business set up by good friends, Squad Bistro was named as such because that’s just it — a Bacolod restaurant owned and operated by a squad who were all graduates of hotel management from La Consolacion College-Bacolod. It’s their squad goal to put up a successful business, make use of their talents and skills, and enjoy doing it together.

Squad Goals #1. Mabusog together.

There’s nothing better than good food to bring the barkada together. Good food = great taste + big servings. It is so much more fun being together when your hearts are full with good company, souls are refreshed with togetherness, and stomachs are full with good food.

Squad Bistro - Bacolod restaurants - rice meals
These rice meals are all so good and affordable, too. Your choice will depend on your preference–whether you like pork or chicken.

And you will certainly get that at Squad Bistro. Bring the whole gang here and you will truly enjoy their appetizers, pastas, burgers, and rice meals. Designed for the young, this Bacolod restaurant is a family-oriented and with foods that are easy on the pocket.

Squad Bistro - Bacolod restaurants - pasta
Great-tasting pastas at Squad Bistro. Our favorite is the Pasta Alfredo.

Squad Goals #2. More groufies together.

What does the squad do when they are together? Eat, talk, and of course, take groufies! Every nice background warrants a groufie…or a selfie. Whatever tickles your fancy!

Squad Bistro - Bacolod restaurant - groufie
Isn’t it nice here? So homey at Squad Bistro. And it’s nice to have photos here, too. Groufie na yan!

The owners of Squad Bistro is a young group with their first venture. And while their budget is limited, their creativity is endless. They put their heads together to work on this baby and the interior is oh so nice that you would want groufies in front of every wall of this Bacolod restaurant.

Groufie tip: Bring a ring light for better pictures.

Squad Bistro - Bacolod restaurants - pasta Alfredo
Pasta Alfredo at Squad Bistro is super love.

Check out what our little girl says about the Pasta Alfredo of Squad Bistro.

Squad Goals #3. Get work done together.

If you are a barkada with members fresh out of college, everyone of you would wish to land good jobs or build your own business. We want the best for each other and want to see each other grow and prosper. And we help each other achieve our goals, right?

Squad Bistro - Bacolod restaurants - mozzarella sticks
Mag moment together with these mozzarella sticks at Squad Bistro.

At Squad Bistro, they are doing just that. They have planned to do this, implemented their plans, and they all work together to make their plans for this venture a success. Some of them also work full-time at this new Bacolod restaurant while others help out in whatever capacity they can.


Squad Goals #4. Enjoy the sweetest moments together.

Who would you want to spend the sweetest moments together than your squad, right? Of course, there’s family, but there’s chika that can only go around so much with your squad. It’s nice to enjoy these moments together especially when you are young–you bring these happy memories when you grow old.

Squad Bistro - Bacolod restaurants - desserts
Homemade desserts at Squad Bistro — cookies and cream ice cream, matcha ice cream, mango supreme, and black sambo.

At Squad Bistro, you will certainly enjoy your bonding moments with their specially made desserts. They have their own homemade ice cream as well as desserts like leche flan, mango supreme, and black sambo that are all over affordable. And good for sharing, too.

Squad Goals #5. Build up your resources together. 

You are in good company when you know that your friends are there to bring out the best in you. One of that is saving money together. Whether it’s working to get a promotion, cutting down on expenses, investing money in mutual funds, or making a business grow, you know if you have true friends when you aim for the best and have each other’s back.

Squad Bistro - Bacolod restaurants - nachos overload
Work out your goals together as a group over some overloaded Nachos at Squad Bistro.

At Squad Bistro, be inspired by this group who has made their dreams a reality. Plus, if you meet here, you will not have to spend a lot of money on your food and drinks.

Squad Goals #6. Drink together. 

At the end of the day, when you have achieved your goals, it is nice to unwind with friends over some drinks. You may not like alcoholic drinks, but you can have iced drinks, right?

Whatever it is you fancy, you will find something at Squad Bistro. They have nice cocktails here that start at P90 and it’s buy one take one, too. And also beer. As a squad, you just have to remind each other: Drink moderately.

Squad Bistro - Bacolod restaurants - bucket of beer
Bucket of beer and chips at Squad Bistro.

Enjoy your time at Squad Bistro with friends or family. They will make it worth your while. So what are you waiting for?

Squad Bistro - Bacolod restaurants - potato chips
Appetizers at Squad Bistro while waiting for your orders.

Squad Goal (skwäd/ɡōl) (noun) (plural noun: squad goals): an aspirational term for what you’d like your group of friends to be or accomplish.

Squad Bistro

The Billboard behind Outdoor Master
24th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City
Open daily from 1oam to around 12 midnight

Squad Bistro - Bacolod restaurants - chicken pesto quesadilla
This chicken and peso quesadilla is just perfect. Super love this!

Sigrid Says:

I like Squad Bistro because it is so homey and well put-together. They have their own clean restroom within the restaurant, too, which I truly appreciate. The food is good and I especially recommend their 7-Spice Chicken, Chicken Pesto Quesadilla, and the Pasta Alfredo. Yum yum yum gid! Nice place to bring your family and friends because your budget wouldn’t be hurt so much around here while you are enjoying yourself.

Squad Bistro - Bacolod restaurants - fried chicken
The 7-Spice Fried Chicken is perfectly crispy outside and juicy inside. So flavorful, too. And they always serve the thigh part at Squad Bistro, which is love.

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