Bowlero Mongolian Bowl - Bacolod restaurants - Mongolian rice bowl

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl - Bacolod restaurants - Mongolian rice bowl

BOWLERO Mongolian Bowl Bacolod


BOWLERO Mongolian Bowl

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl is a new Bacolod restaurant that will cater to your  Mongolian bowl cravings at a price you can afford.

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl - Bacolod restaurants
Our spicy Bowlero Mongolian Bowls with their special house blend iced tea.

In Bacolod, we now have the 9th Streat Food Zone, a food court located at 9th-Lacson Streets. There is now a total of 11 Bacolod restaurants there serving anything from barbecues, ribs, dimsum, coffees, to desserts. One stand out tenant there is Bowlero Mongolian Bowl.

The Drinking Coach

Owned by the Drinking Coach of Retro KTV and Bounce, the simple concept of a Mongolian bar becomes exciting and entertaining. The restaurant itself is colorful with all the Chinese-inspired murals around the place.

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl - Bacolod restaurants - the drinking coach
The Drinking Coach, Manuel Barandiaran, whipping up a storm in the kitchen of Bowlero Mongolian Bowl.

While you pile up your Bowler Mongolian Bowl, you get a ticket that contains your number and also a “Bowlero suave line” at the back. If you must know, “Bowlero” is a play on the words “bowl” and the Filipino term, “bolero“, which means flatterer.

How to Order

If you want to eat at Bowlero Mongolian Bowl, there are things that you need to do. You don’t just sit down and wait for somebody to get your orders. So what do you do? Here are the steps.

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl - Bacolod restaurants - choosing the ingredients
Hubby picks the ingredients he likes for his Bowlero Mongolian Bowl.

1. Get a white bowl that’s just beside the bar.

2. Fill the bowl up with the vegetables of your choice. If this is your first time to eat a Mongolian bowl, I would advice you to include a generous amount of garlic, onions, spring onions, and bell pepper. These four will enhance the flavor and aroma of your bowl.

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl - Bacolod restaurants - vegetable bar
The vegetable bar.

3. Pick your sauces and flavorings at the condiments bar. (You may ask assistance for the proper proportions of the sauces. They will eventually come up with a menu guide in order for you to achieve the flavors you like.)

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl - Bacolod restaurants - sauces
At present, they have five different sauces at Bowlero Mongolian Bowl. I prefer their Bowlero sauce mixed with some teriyaki, peanut butter, and chili sauce.

4. Choose your meats. You may choose from pork, chicken, beef, squid, pork liver, or tofu or a combination of some or all of them. You just tell the staff assisting you and they will be the ones to measure out the meats. The meats are weighed per order.

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl - Bacolod restaurants - condiments bar
Condiments bar at Bowlero Mongolian Bowl.

5. Choose between rice or noodles. I prefer having my Bowlero Mongolian Bowl with rice. Rice is bland while the noodles has its own natural flavor. The rice absorbs the sauces and you get to appreciate all the flavors of your Mongolian mixture.

6. Get your control number, find a table, and wait for your name to be called so you can claim your Bowlero Mongolian Bowl. Don’t forget to check the back of your ticket for the Bowlero suave line for you.

At the counter, there is a sign where you will be encouraged to take photos, upload them on your social media accounts, and use the hashtag #NamitonAngBowlero


Bowlero Mongolian Bowl - Bacolod restaurants - hashtag
Their hashtag #NamitonAngBowlero

To complete the dining experience, you will be given chopsticks. But if you wish, you may ask for a spoon and they will provide you with a plastic one.

Affordable Bowlero Mongolian Bowl

The Bowlero Mongolian Bowl is P120 per bowl, which includes rice or noodles that they mix together with the vegetables and sauces you chose. Prices do not include drinks.

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl - Bacolod restaurants - rice bowls
Our three very different mixtures of Bowlero Mongolian rice bowls. We love all of them spicy! They are good for take out, too.

I love it here because the flavors are rich and just the way I like them and it’s very affordable. If one bowl is not enough for you, you can have another bowl with different carbs and different flavors and that would only be P240. I think this is an easy fix to our Mongolian bowl cravings and it’s much better than going to our usual favorite Bacolod restaurant for an eat all you can Mongolian dinner.

What is a Mongolian Bowl?

The Mongolian bowl comes from the concept of a Mongolian barbecue, which is neither a barbecue nor does it come from Mongolia. It’s a Taiwanese dish where different ingredients are stir-fried together on a solid iron griddle and flavored with sauces and spices. Each person has his or her own preference, like my husband likes his bowl really spicy while I like mine with peanut butter sauce, sweet, and mildly spicy.

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl - Bacolod restaurants - sauve lines
Suave lines at the back of your order ticket. This is what I got. hahaha

Bowlero Mongolian Bowl

9th Streat Food Zone
9th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Open daily from 3:30pm to 12mn

Watch the making of a Bowlero Mongolian Bowl on Youtube:

Find 9th Streat Food Zone on the map.

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