Spice Kitchen quesadilla

Healthy quesadilla at Spice Kitchen uses malunggay wraps

Spice Kitchen Bacolod Serves Tex-Mex-Mediterranean


For affordable, laid-back Tex-Mex-Mediterranean meals,
Spice Kitchen Bacolod is the answer to your cravings.

Spice Kitchen healthy quesadilla
Malunggay beef quesadilla with salsa at Spice Kitchen. So good and filling!

Spice Kitchen has been around for some time, serving yummy yet affordable Tex-Mex-Mediterranean meals at their old location beside the Riverside Hospital. They also have food stalls at the University of St. La Salle-IS and college cafeteria.

But last year, they moved to a bigger and breezier location at the King Car Wash compound at Lacson Extension, near the Abad Church. Clients who have their car washed can now wait and enjoy the delicious food or the cheap coffee served at Spice Kitchen. Meanwhile, diners at the Spice Kitchen often opt to have a car wash, too. It’s like a complementary business that has been working so well for both parties.

Spice Kitchen is located at Lacson Extension, within the compound of King Car Wash, which is located near the Abad Church. You wouldn’t miss it. They are open daily from 7:30am to 6:30pm. Happy hour starts early here. You can enjoy their tasty margarita by the glass or in pitchers.

spicy buffalo wings at Spice Kitchen
Spicy buffalo wings at Spice Kitchen. Two pieces chicken wings with java rice.

Spice Kitchen chicken kebab
Chicken Kebabs at Spice Kitchen. Lean and tender and juicy chicken slices grilled with vegetables.

What’s New at Spice Kitchen
When Spice Kitchen made the move, they also vamped up their menu to include healthier alternatives. Yes, they still serve the all-time favorite burritos, shawarma, chimichanga, spicy buffalo wings, kebabs, and the like, but they now have a juicing station where diners can choose to have freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices done right in front of them. Spice Kitchen has a slow juicer to get the maximum benefits from fresh produce.

Spice Kitchen malunggay shawarma
Beef shawarma in malunggay wrap. This is a must-try at Spice Kitchen.
Spice Kitchen beef burrito
What’s inside a beef burrito at Spice Kitchen.

Additionally, Spice Kitchen introduced their line of snacks using malunggay wraps. So the now have quesadilla, shawarma, and chicken pesto wrap using the green malunggay wraps. Not only is it healthier because it is rich in pureed fresh malunggay incorporated into the wraps, the vegetable additive acts as a flavorful boost to the old items. And mind you, you won’t taste the “leafiness” in there. Great job in developing this new product, Spice Kitchen! Hubby and I loved it!

Spice Kitchen pork steak
Try this pork steak at Spice Kitchen. So big, tender, and flavorful! And so affordable, too.

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Sigrid Says
Enjoy casual dining at Spice Kitchen. Too bad they close early so they don’t serve dinner here. They serve affordable coffee and yummy food that I seem to cannot to get tired of. Try the ones I mentioned above plus their pork steak and Korean rice topping. And oh, there is no air conditioning here. But it is pretty breezy because of the fans all around and there are trees providing shade, too.

Spice Kitchen margarita
Enjoy a glass (or a pitcher) of margarita late in the afternoon at Spice Kitchen.
Spice Kitchen nachos
Nachos!!! Perfect snack or pulutan for your margarita. It’s happy hour indeed at Spice Kitchen!
Spice Kitchen shawarmitas
Shawarmitas–another snack or pulutan alternative for your margarita. Chill out at Spice Kitchen!

Have you been to Spice Kitchen? If not, would you like to try out their offerings? Do share your thoughts here. 😀

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  1. Been a fan of Spice Kitchen since they had a location near Riverside.. Great food.. Great staff .. My favorite is the eat all you can promos but the last few times Facebook delayed the promo so I missed out.. I do miss the 80s music from the old location but still great foods.. Yummy

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