Serenitea holiday flavors

Serenitea holiday flavors

Moments of Celebration Made Special at Serenitea


Serenitea Holiday Flavors 2017

Serenitea is one of the largest milk tea chains in the country today. And they keep growing. We may as well attribute that to their fresh ideas and flavors, the new limited flavor series that they introduce throughout the year, and their serene and lovely stores. Plus, they keep adding merchandise that make their store exciting.

Serenitea holiday flavors
The new holiday flavors from Serenitea — Thai Choco Tea and Avocado Choco Chip. Available this December only.

Serenitea Christmas

At Serenitea, they celebrate Christmas like no other. While it’s also everyone’s favorite season, December is special for Serenitea because it’s also their birthday. So when you visit their stores around the country for #MomentsofCelebration, you will have triple fun because of new flavors, new products, and exciting promos!

Spill-free Mug

Want to give a nice gift to your coffee-loving friend or yourself? Check out their spill-free mug from Serenitea with leak-proof cover. It has a strong suction bottom so it won’t fall off the table, but it’s still easy enough to lift up vertically. And most of all, it has a twin-wall insulation that keeps your drink hot longer.

 Serenitea spill-free mug
The new Serenitea spill-free mug. Available at select branches nationwide.

Serenitea Holiday Series

This Christmas 2017, Serenitea has new holiday flavors. It’s limited for December only so make sure to pay them a visit. Their lush holiday concoctions are in partnership with Hershey’s Kisses. These are Thai Choco Tea and Avocado Choco Chip.

Thai Choco Tea is made from steeped high-grade Thai tea leaves blended with their finest spies and Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe.

Meanwhile, Avocado Choco Chip is for chocolate lovers as it is served with extra love from Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe.

Both flavors are already available in all outlets nationwide for December 2017 only.

Upsize Me!

And since it’s also the birthday of Serenitea, clients will enjoy a special treat on December 18-20, 2017. Some drinks will have a free upsize from Large to Jumbo. Here are the drinks with free upsize:

  • Yakult Drinks (except calamansi)
  • Fruiteas (except calamansi)
  • Okinawa Milk Tea
  • Hokkaido Milk Tea
  • Wintermelon Milk Tea
  • Classic Milk Tea
  • Nagasaki Milk Tea
  • Emperor Milk Tea
  • Winter Frost
  • Taro Lover

Oh I love Taro and Winter Frost! Yum!

Serenitea 2018 Diary

Prepare to start the next year inspired, encouraged, and organized with the 2018 Serenitea Diary. You may receive a new diary for every single receipt purchase of P1000, which is valid for dine in, delivery, and take out transactions. Or you may just purchase the diary for only P549. It is so nice and super worth it with it’s cloth cover, good quality paper, and lots of motivational content. Plus, you get discount coupons and freebies, too, for your next visit.

In Bacolod, visit Serenitea at the south wing of SM City Bacolod, near the supermarket entrance.

2018 Serenitea Diary
The 2018 Serenitea Diary. It’s free for every P1000 single receipt purchase and also available for sale at P549.

So what are you waiting for? Head on the Serenitea branch nearest you and take advantage of the new flavors, promos, and merchandise. Let me know in the comments below what flavors you intend to try this Christmas.


35 thoughts on “Moments of Celebration Made Special at Serenitea

  1. Its the time of year again.. spread the love by sharing your blessings πŸ˜‰
    Thank you.. πŸ™‚
    WE LOVE MILKTEAS….SERENITEA is one of them πŸ˜€
    is the spill free Mug available also in Bacolod?

  2. Wow serenitea, great idea kay may planner and spill free mug cla nga products, I know dmu gd n manamian nga mga costumers .good job to this blog for letting us know πŸ™‚

  3. Wow! My eyes got stuck on the spill free mug. Ang galing! I want! πŸ˜€

    Meron ba dito sa CDO? Parang wala pa eh. πŸ™

  4. Ang cute ng Diary! Would love to have one! Sayang wala sila branch here in Bukidnon. sa Cdi hahanapin ko pa…

  5. I really love all the their drinks. I really like their mugs and the diary is so cute 😁 I really want the diary to keep me in track of my schedule and deadlines.

  6. Currently torn between Thai Choco Tea and Avocado Choco Chip! Im really obsessed with anything Hersheys so its kinda hard to choose. Hehe. But id like to try both flavors! Its kinda exciting since its not the usual flavors i order at Serenitea and ofcourae its limited this december only so ill make sure to grab one talaga! Yayyy! πŸ’•πŸ˜

  7. A friend of mine just tagged me on a post in Facebook of Serenitea’s planner, she knows me too well that I’m addicted to planners/diaries. I’m not usually lucky at winning these kind of contests, but here’s to giving it another chance. This might be my first.

  8. Wintermelon Milk Tea is my comfort drink. Creating memories this 2018 with the Serenitea Diary will be awesome! Hope to have one! #SigridSaysXSerenitea

  9. I love Serenitea especially the Hokkaido Milk Tea. This is the best drink ever! More Serenitea drinks this 2018. πŸ™‚
    This Christmas, I will chill for more Avocado Choco Chip and Thai Choco Tea!

  10. I love the design of Serenitea 2018 planner, it so elegant. I hope I can have one, I will really fill this planner all year long. Of course, cheers to my favorite Serenitea Wintermelon Milk Tea, and Yakult Drinks! I am craving now and will grave one the soonest!

  11. Wow, Im Excited to have a Planner, Serenitea Winter Melon Milk Tea is One of My Favorite, I love The Design, i Excited to Write All My Plans In 2018 Together with my Newyear Resolution. Have a Merry Christmas.Thank you #SigridSaysXSerenitea.

  12. I hope i can win the planner i love serenitea. I would really like to have one and write all my plans and thoughts for 2018. Please sana po isa ko sa manalo.

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