Brewery Gastropub Iloilo restaurant - chicken in a beer can

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo restaurant - chicken in a beer can

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo Restaurant for Lovely Food and Fine Drinks


Brewery Gastropub Iloilo

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo is the successful venture of Chef Pauline Banusing. It is a homegrown Iloilo restaurant serving great dishes with beer pairings to complement them with.

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo restaurant - chicken in a beer can
Chicken in a beer can — one of the specialties of Brewery Gastropub Iloilo.

My first gastropub experience was at Brewery Gastropub Bacolod. Despite the name, my husband and I were confident with bringing our children over. And we were not disappointed. It was a lively restaurant filled with people who enjoy good food and a thorough collection of drinks.

And this is exactly what we experienced when we visited where this Bacolod restaurant concept came from — Brewery Gastropub Iloilo. Now on it’s 4th year, the Brewery in Iloilo continues to deliver elaborate food settings and appropriate beer pairings to the Ilonggos and visitors to the city.

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo restaurant
The vibrant interior of Brewery Gastropub Iloilo. The house is full.

While it is a pub, people of all ages come here because of the wholesome setting of the place. Brewery Gastropub Iloilo has well-lit and has nicely-appointed wooden touches.

The Beginnings

Inventive and ingenious, Chef Pauline opened the first imported beer bar in Iloilo City in 2010 with her husband, Gus. Mr. Banusing is the beer connoisseur between Iloilo’s power couple. They called this venture, Rooftop Brewery. The concept and the new beer flavors were new to the Ilonggos and it was kind of hard to compete with the local brands that they grew up with.

All it took was some exposure for the people to accept imported beers and so in 2014, Rooftop Brewery evolved into a much higher form — Brewery Gastropub Iloilo. They still carried the usual imported beers but the collection expanded to more than 100 beer choices from all over the world.

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo Restaurant - beer bar
The bar at Brewery Gastropub Iloilo

Aiming to educate the Ilonggo palate on different beers, Brewery Gastropub introduced handcrafted beers that are made in small batches using natural ingredients. These beers are produced in microbreweries found around the Philippines and abroad, such as Japan, Australia, California and New Orleans. 

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo restaurant - beer bar
The collection of local and imported beers at Brewery Gastropub Iloilo is amazing!

To date, they are the first and only pub in Iloilo City that carries six flavors of fresh gourmet beer in draft, which includes two brands that are regularly imported from Australia.

Awesome Food | Beer Pairings

Through the years, the culinary group of Brewery Gastropub Iloilo keeps on making and reinventing gastronomic delights that can be matched with their vast collection of beers. Not only do their food tastes good, they all look good, too.

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo restaurant - chicken in beer can
The chicken in a beer can when sliced. You may asked for it to be sliced after you take a photo so that it is easier to share.

And while you’re there, take advantage of their advice on beer pairings so that you can better appreciate the kinds of beers that go well with different kinds of food. You will be surprised at how the beers can enhance the flavor of your food when they are properly paired.

Here are some of the well-loved dishes at Brewery Gastropub Iloilo.

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo restaurant
One of the things that I enjoy the most at Brewery Gastropub is their salted egg fries. How I wish they have this packed. Here it is served with apple-flavored Floris beer.
Brewery Gastropub Iloilo restaurant - beef brisket
Hubby and I both love the tender and well-seasoned beef brisket. This is very memorable for us.
Brewery Gastropub Iloilo restaurant - crispy pata
Crispy pata served with adobo rice and onion rings.
Brewery Gastropub Iloilo restaurant - nachos
The nachos are served with vegetables and cheese sauce but when it is presented before you, the staff will slide the meat and melted mozzarella cheese from a hot plate directly on the nacho chips. Soooo good! Consume immediately.

Events and Promotions

Follow the Facebook page of Brewery Gastropub Iloilo to keep abreast with their new promos. From time to time, they offer certain beer and food pairing packages or their famous Grills on Wheels that usually happens every Sunday dinner.

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo restaurant - beer bar
Some of the imported beers on display at the bar.

I would like to mention that all of us in our family, our kids included, love the Brewery Gastropub. Husband and I enjoy the food and beer pairings while our kids do enjoy their food.

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo restaurant- mozzarella balls
The mozzarella balls are always a hit both for kids and adults.

Plus, the kids feel so welcome here because of the complimentary lollipops given to all the kids with every visit. These are presened in a candy stand that looks so cute. This is a nice touch, really. Not much expense and effort but it greatly impacts the customers.

Truly, the Brewery Gastropub Iloilo is every food and beer lover’s destination.

In the Visayas, Brewery Gastropub now has three branches in three key cities. Visit them when you are in any of these cities.

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo

Westgate Building
Pison Avenue San Rafael St.
Iloilo City, Philippines
Open daily from 4pm to 12mn

Brewery Gastropub Iloilo restaurant - beef brisket
Brewery Gastropub Iloilo

Brewery Gastropub Bacolod

Paseo Verde, Lacson Street
Mandalagan, Bacolod City
Sun – Tue: 4:30pm to 12:30am
Wed – Thu: 4:30pm to 1:30m
Fri – Sat: 4:30pm to 2:30am

Brewery Gastropub Cebu

GF A 110-111, City Time Square 2
beside Parkmall, Mandaue, Cebu City
Tel. No. (0947) 624-0786

Have you been to any Brewery Gastropub in Bacolod, Iloilo, or Cebu? What’s your favorite dish or drink there? Share your favorites in the comments below. 😀

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