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Ribshack Grill: Feasting Without Regrets


Ribshack Grill

Yummy grilled meats, chicken, and seafood are all within your reach. Greatly satisfying, too. All at Ribshack Grill Bacolod!

Ribshack Grill - Bacolod restaurants
Feasting at Ribshack Grill–so hearty!

Bacolodnons are known for the Bacolod Chicken Inasal. But actually, we are more than just chicken barbecue, as we love anything that’s grilled! And one Bacolod restaurant that has captured the essence of the Bacolod barbecue equation is Ribshack Grill.

Ribshack Grill Beginnings

Ribshack Grill started as a takeout counter in the downtown area, barely two years ago. Confident about the public’s acceptance of their food offerings, they opened their first branch in a mall at the 888 Chinatown Premier Mall with a stall at the 2nd Floor Food Court.

The counter of Ribshack Grill at SM City Bacolod where you order and pay. Then the food will be served to you.

Fueled by the overwhelming response at 888, they decided to open another branch, this time with a big dining area at where else, but SM City Bacolod. And just like that, people have been flocking to their branch there that you CANNOT, just cannot make reservations especially during rush hours because of the fast turnover of diners.

Ribshack Grill - baby back ribs - Bacolod restaurants
A huge slab of tender and juicy baby back ribs at Ribshack Grill served with rice, achara, and extra barbecue sauce.

And now, they have a third branch (yeah, third because they already closed their operations in the Bacolod downtown area) at The District North Point, which opened early this year. And it is really making waves there.

Ribshack blue marlin
The grille blue marlin is sold per 100 grams at Ribshack Grill. This is so good–tender, juicy, and ma nanam!

Ribshack is a Sensation

The main reason why I say that Ribshack Grill understood the essence of Bacolod barbecue is that they offer only grilled stuff–back ribs, spareribs, blue marlin, jumbo squid, pork barbecue, beef kebabs, and chicken inasal and of course, rice–and nothing else.

Must-try Pinoy Foods

But, since they specialized on their grilled menu, they were able to come up with the best versions of these grilled favorites that people were satisfied with them and didn’t want anything else. After all, the people that go there are seeking for barbecues anyway.

Ribshack Grill - Bacolod restaurants - grilled squid
This grilled jumbo squid is a must-try. This is unlike any other squid dish you have tried before.

The Ribshack Value 

And the most important factor at Ribshack Grill is the price. Even while operating in a mall where rent can be steep, you can still feast your heart out at Ribshack with your entire family without fear of draining your pocket because the food is really affordable and the servings are big. You will already give up eating but your budget remains healthy.

Ribshack Grill - Bacolod restaurants - owners
Delman and Yani Alagao in action at the SM branch of Ribshack Grill. They are pretty hands-on with the operations.

This is very important for Bacolodnons–we love to have only the best at the least possible price. haha Plus, you get to dine in a comfortable, air conditioned restaurant that has plants (yes, live hanging plants) on their wall. Ribshack Grill is eco-friendly with a refreshing view. And oh, did I mention that they have their own clean restroom with plants?

List of Bacolod Restaurants

Ribshack Grill - Bacolod restaurants
The hanging plants around the restaurant are changed every week.

If you are wondering how Ribshack Grill can bring down the price when everything in the market, including rent and electricity, is very expensive nowadays, just don’t think that their food has extenders of some sort or what they serve is Made in China (bad joke hehe). They use only the freshest meats, seafood, and chicken but they can bring down the price because they buy directly from the source.

Bacolod Needs More Plants and Trees

Ribshack Grill - Bacolod restaurants - beef kebabs
Three sticks of beef kebabs with rice and yoghurt sauce.

And the family that owns this Bacolod restaurant has a meat shop as their primary business, so don’t fret. You just get honest goodness from all the dishes at Ribshack Grill at a price that is friendly to the regular Bacolodnon’s budget.

Bacolod City Guide

Ribshack Grill - Bacolod chicken inasal - Bacolod restaurants
Chicken inasal with rice and achara.

I cannot point out to you what are my favorites at Ribshack, because honestly, I love everything that they offer. Everything is so tasty, tender, juicy, and the blue marlin is oh so good!!! It’s my daughter’s favorite actually.

Ribshack Grill - Bacolod restaurants
The Ribshack at SM City Bacolod is located at the South Wing.

So if you are craving for anything barbecued, you can feast without regrets at Ribshack because you know that everything there fits your budget. Your dessert or iced from a nearby coffee shop may be more expensive than your meal here. *wink*

Ribshack Grill - Bacolod restaurants
Ribshack Grill recently opened a new branch at The District North Point in Talisay.

Ribshack Grill


SM City Bacolod South Wing
The District North Point
888 Chinatown Premier mall

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