Nature's Village Resort

Nature's Village Resort

Nature’s Village Resort: Family Staycation Near Civilization



Nature’s Village Resort in Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines provides the perfect respite from city dwelling.

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
Nature’s Village Resort is along the highway of Talisay City, Negros Occidental.

When you live in the city, you itch to get out of town when weekend sets in because the traffic, the dreariness, the noise, and the pollution. All these can really get to you. You wanna just leave the city and see the scenery on the countryside where the air is fresh and you are surrounded by the greenery that your eyes desperately need.

If you live in Bacolod, the nearest point that you can go out of town is Talisay City. It is Bacolod’s next-city neighbour going north. And the nearest and easiest resort to go for a staycation is Nature’s Village Resort.

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
Nature’s Village Hotel main facade.

Family Weekend Getaway

Located about a kilometer or so from the boundary, Nature’s Village Resort is easily accessible from the main highway—Lacson Street. For us, it is a grand swimming outing–a family weekend.

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
The picturesque driveway of Nature’s Village Resort at night.

Turning right from Bacolod, you will be ushered to an avenue lined with plants and Indian trees swaying in the wind, telling you that you have stepped into nature’s best. A few meters away is the main gate. On the left side is the building for their restaurant and function rooms. You have to drive a bit further in order to read the hotel.

Nature’s Village Resort Hotel

The Nature’s Village Hotel is a quaint building ensconced by plants and trees. Its décor involves a lot of wooden accents and tapestries from around the world, making it like a country chic home than a hotel. If you are billeted on the second floor, you can easily go up their giant staircase just in front of the reception area.

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
Staircase going to the second floor.

Our family (my husband, two young children, and I) went on an overnight stay at the Village Hotel, courtesy of a gift certificate that my husband won in a raffle. We had standard room accommodations and we chose the twin single beds so that my husband and I can sleep with one child in each bed. *Note: Children from 12 years old and below are still free of charge.

We checked in after lunch of a Saturday and since it was still quite hot outside, we settled in our air conditioned room and fixed our things before we headed out to swim. The room is tastefully appointed, with décor that matches the lobby and the hallways. Garment hooks are made of brass (or at least made to look like it) and come with hardwood backing.

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
Tapestries like these along with a short description about them adorn the walls and hallways.

There were notes all around, too, encouraging guests to conserve energy and water. The beds, tables, and shelves were also made of hard wood that they were too heavy to move around. We no longer joined the two single beds because it was too much work already.

Great Family Amenities

What we like about Nature’s Village Resort is that it is a big property with gardens, parks, and two swimming pools with varying levels so it’s not boring. The kids had a field day moving between the two pools. In the afternoons, it is nice to stroll around the parks, lie down on the grass, or just run around.

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
The open space at the park, just beside the swimming pools.

It is cool there because the entire property is lined with trees and inside there are many plants and trees as well. It’s just so nice to stay here at Nature’s Village Resort even for just one afternoon.

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
We enjoyed our afternoon frolicking in the kiddie pool. Entrance here is P60 per pax.
Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
Our family at the big pool on the second day. Entrance here is P80 per pax. Free for hotel guests.

Another plus about Nature’s Village Resort is its proximity. So you don’t need to spend so much time on the road as well as gasoline for that very long drive just to get out of the city. You can just even take public and your bottom won’t get tired sitting for very long. It’s like 3 minutes away from the north terminal. I think the stay at the terminal would be longer than the actual drive.

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
The kids went swimming early.

And since Nature’s Village Resort is near the boundary of Bacolod and Talisay, it is walking distance to one of our favorite malls—The District North Point. In the evening, we went there to have dinner with the grandparents and their aunt, got some groceries that we needed at the Metro, and then the kids further played in the playground.

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
It was a cool summer night so we walked the short distance from the resort to the mall. How nice it was to take a stroll out here.
Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
The kids bonded with their aunt at The District North Point.

When we went back to the hotel, we took out our telescope and spent more time outside, looking at the stars. Oh well, it was more like Papa spending time figuring out how our telescope works.

The next day, the kids went ready for another round of swimming before we checked out for the day.

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
The playground at Nature’s Village Resort.

If you need food, you don’t really have to go to the nearby mall because Nature’s Village Resort has a restaurant that serves snacks and meals. They have several function room and in house catering for different occasions and many companies and schools come here to hold their seminars and conferences.

Ribshack - Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
We had dinner at Ribshack at The District North Point where we had grilled goodies. Yum!

Wedding Receptions

Many also hold their weddings here, either indoors for the reception or in the garden for picturesque and fresh garden ceremony. We just appreciate the fact that we are near a mall that has a supermarket and pharmacy. For us parents, this is important (although our bags our packed with things that we thought would need for an overnight trip).

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
The restaurant at Nature’s Village Resort.

Our room is the cheapest at Nature’s Village Resort for only P1800 for an overnight stay. Guests over 12 years old will be charged an extra person. We loved our stay there. The staff are friendly and helpful, too. And if you like general knowledge, you will especially enjoy reading the backgrounds of each tapestry hanging on their walls.

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
Our spacious standard room with a small ref, coffee, and TV.

My only complaint is that I got the sneezes inside the room, especially whenever I would get something from their wooden cabinet. It seemed that the cabinet reeked of dust mites and my sensitive nose really took a beating in the two days we were there. Had to take two antihistamines for that. Other than that, everything else was perfect.

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
We had a rather spacious toilet and bath for a standard room. They have install individual water heaters per room so as to save on energy.
Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
The provide organic oatmeal soap with the free toiletries!

I also appreciate the fact that the management of Nature’s Village Resort tries to operate their hotel and resort with the least damage to the environment. They have organic gardens where they produce vegetables and herbs for their food. They segregate their garbage, too, and encourage the guests to do the same with their properly labeled trash cans. I think their resort is aptly named.

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
Garbage is segregated but I like the fact that even signs like these match the theme.
Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
Some bottle collection on the second floor.

Nature’s Village Resort Park Rates

If you want to just visit for the day, park entrance at Nature’s Village Resort is only P30. Swimming at the kiddie pool is P60 while in the big pool, it’s P80 for the whole day. They have nice shower rooms and outdoor showers available as well as pretty sun loungers for that perfect poolside selfie. Gazebo rentals range from P500 to 3500 (for groups of 40).

Nature's Village Resort - Bacolod resort
When we went out of our room in the evening, we saw this on the wall opposite our door. Nature up close.

They also have umbrellas and tables for rent for only P300 and P250 respectively. At the park, they have a playground for kids and an open space for group games.

Watch the Kids’ Video on Nature’s Village Resort:


Talisay Highway, Talisay City
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Tel. No. (034) 495-0808, 495-3369

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