Quan Sud-an

Quan Sud-an - quality food to go from a Bacolod restaurant

QUAN SUD-AN: Delicious, Convenient, Sanitary



Food on the go from native Bacolod restaurant Quan Delicacies. These are for the times that you don’t have time to cook at home but would still appreciate home-cooked food.

Quan Sud-an Bacolod restaurant - Quan Delicacies
Our lunch of Sud-an from Quan — Chicken adobo, chopsuey, ginat-an nga monggo, pangat, pork binagoongan, and bakareta. Like a fiesta!

No Time to Cook? No Problem

Many of us are so busy that sometimes, even homemakers don’t have ample time to cook for the family in between driving kids to and from school and doing errands. We want yummy, homecooked meals that are reasonably priced but sometimes, we don’t trust buying from the carinderia because of sanitation issues. We want to protect our families and we only want to give them good food.

Quan Sud-an

Thankfully, there’s a solution for that. The famous neighborhood Bacolod restaurant that has been our source of native foods for almost three decades now has made everything easy for us.

Quan Sud-an Bacolod restaurant - Quan Delicacies
A chiller of Quan Sud-an at Quan San Juan.

Quan Delicacies has diversified and included a new line called the Quan Sud-an to cater to those who need meals to go. These are carefully prepared in their kitchens, made to fit the taste of Bacolodnons, and are packed in microwaveable containers. You just heat them for a few minutes and you get an instant meal.

Quan Delicacies

Quan Sud-an is on top of the fast food offerings of Quan, such as their famous dinuguan, pork barbecue, lasagna, arroz caldo, palabok, and many other meals. So you have more choices.

Quan Sud-an Bacolod restaurant - Quan Delicacies
Quan Sud-an on our table.

With Quan Sud-an, you have 30 different sud-an (viands) to choose from, with choices of beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, and seafood dishes. Prices range from P95 to about P135 for regular items. There are items like siomai and sisig priced at P150 and P145 while kare-kare pata, callos, and lengua are P185, P190, and P210 respectively. These dishes are freshly cooked and with no preservatives.

Quality Home-cooked Food

Owner Chole Chua said that they want to serve only good quality home-cooked meals without scrimping ingredients, which is why the prices are a big higher than carinderia food. Plus, these are placed in microwaveable containers so people can just readily heat and serve the foods without hassle.

The Quan Sud-an line is available at Quan North Drive, Quan La Salle, and Quan San Juan.

Quan San Juan Bacolod restaurant
Quan San Juan (across Plaza Mart), Bacolod City.


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