Pork and beans at Jaimie's Cafe

Pork and beans at Jaimie's Cafe Bacolod restaurant

JAIMIE’S CAFE: All-Time Favorites With a Twist


Jaimie’s Cafe Bacolod

is a go-to Bacolod restaurant for delicious
and comforting meals prepared with love.

Jaimie's Cafe Bacolod
Pork and beans at Jaimie’s Cafe Bacolod–I am in love.

Whenever we are in a certain mood, there is always a dish that we consider comfort food. These are foods that make us feel better when we are down or angry, or frustrated or nesting, or brooding, or having hormonal mood swings. And there are also go-to foods when we are happy and in the mood for celebrating.

And it seems that at Jaimie’s Cafe Bacolod, you will find everything that you’re craving for and more. But they don’t just serve all-time favorites–they serve them with flair. An added spice, some sprinkles of herbs, a beautiful arrangement, or anything that can perk up the dish that you have always loved, there is something to love at Jaimie’s Cafe.

Jaimie's Cafe Bacolod
Osso Buco
Jaimie's Cafe Bacolod
Spanish Sardines and Sausage Pasta with Sundried tomatoes — not the usual combination that you will think of but it’s actually good.

Jaimie’s Cafe

Circumferential Road, Homesite
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Tel. No. (034) 43 1 3427

Jaimie's Cafe Bacolod
The interior of the main dining area of Jaimie’s Cafe.

The first time I went here was with my group of mommy friends from church. We wanted to just hang out, enjoy good food, and well, talk our hearts. And have nice selfies, too. haha We got what we wanted at Jaimie’s with its cozy restaurant and lovely food offerings. We each ordered different items and sampled each other’s food, that way we can taste more. haha And we were happy with what we got.

Jaimie's Cafe Bacolod
Asian braised beef with rice
Jaimie's Cafe Bacolo
Lengua in mushroom cream sauce

The next time I went there was with my relatives and we occupied their function room (yes, Jaimie’s Cafe has a couple of function rooms for small gatherings). It wasn’t a buffet set-up. We just ordered several orders of their bestsellers and boy, were we really satisfied. Jaimie’s main restaurant and function rooms are all air conditioned. But they have a dining area in the garden for the smoking bunch and those who just love the outdoors.

My personal favorite at Jaimie’s is their pork and beans. And mind you, I finished an entire order with a cup of rice. Ugh! Yeah! Baboy! haha But it’s sooo good. Crispy pork belly served on top of baked beans….ahhh…it can’t get better than this. You can slice the pork and put some beans with each bite as you spoon it over or you can mix the beans and the sauce with your rice while you eat a bite of that crunchy, flavorful pork–your call. I had this twice already and it doesn’t change–just the same old porky goodness. Lovet!

Jaimie's Cafe Bacolod
Filleto steak — this is gorgeous and tender and flavorful.
Jaimie's Cafe Bacolod
Fried chicken wings

Afterwards, relax with a shake or blended coffees. Or have some sweets. Ahhh…this is the life.

Whatever you fancy, it seems that they have it in improved version. And oh, I have to add, prices are very reasonable. Not cheap, but reasonable for the taste, quality, and quantity. I was also told that they have good pizzas, but I have yet to try them. Maybe on another visit. đŸ˜€ I am in love.

Jaimie's Cafe Bacolod
Beef Salpicao

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