Paradiso Beach Resort: A Hidden Paradise in Hinigaran, Negros Occidental

Welcome to Paradiso Beach Resort. Located at Sitio Bulubitu-on, Brgy. Miranda, Hinigaran, Negros Occidental.

Traveling about an hour going south of Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental, we were ushered to a beautiful beachside development that is known as Paradiso Beach Resort.

Owned by the gracious and beautiful Anabelle Mosser, she recalls with loving memory that she and her husband Charles bought the five-hectare property many years ago. She described the place as a “slum” area. But with her vision, dedication to develop the place into a resort, and her keen eye for beauty, Paradiso is now like modern kingdom for what the metro press calls as the “Cinderella of the Philippines.”

Mrs. Anabelle Mosser–a picture of happiness and contentment at Paradiso Beach Resort.

Paradiso Beach Resort Amenities
We were privileged to be invited to Paradiso Beach Resort and we were really in for a pleasant surprise. For an entrance fee of P50, people can already enjoy the beach area. Cottages for day outings and air-conditioned rooms for overnight stays are available. They have a restaurant, gift shop, multi-purpose pavilion for small to medium gatherings, and catering services. For those who would like to indulge in some beach volleyball, they have a court, too.

This big multi-purpose hall at Paradiso Beach Resort can be rented for parties.

For those who want to go swimming in the pool, you can just pay a separate fee, which is the reason why they are keeping the entrance fee at a minimum. During our visit, the pool for the public is under renovation but is expected to be completed within the year. That is why my kids used the private pool in front of Mrs. Mosser’s house, which the public can also use for a fee until the main pool is finished. But in the beach, of course, you can go unli-swimming.

My kids enjoyed swimming so much at Paradiso Beach Resort.
Some of the cottages at Paradiso Beach Resort. At the back is the multi-purpose hall.
You have a lot of options at Paradiso Beach Resort. You can go swimming in the pool, frolic in the beach, build sand castles, or even do some fly fishing.
These two enjoyed bonding while strolling on shallow waters during low tide at Paradiso Beach Resort.

It is nice to stay overnight for a personal retreat or a family vacation at Paradiso Beach Resort. The place is peaceful and serene and the property wide enough that you have a lot of areas to explore. You can do so many things while you are alone or with the company of your friends and family. There is also a grotto and a chapel for personal reflection. You can take long walks along the shore, build campfires, or just stroll around the gardens and mangroves. My family explored the many different things you can do there and our short stay there was really full of happy memories. Yeah, even if it was just for a few hours.

Air conditioned VIP rooms at Paradiso Beach Resort.
The quaint chapel inside the Paradiso Beach Resort property.
The grotto at Paradiso Beach Resort where devotees can pay homage to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Have a photo op with this mermaid statue near the beach at Paradiso Beach Resort.
One of the gardens at Paradiso Beach Resort. At the background, the roof of the hotel being constructed is peeking behind the coconut trees.
It is nice to stroll around the backyard of Mrs. Mosser at Paradiso Beach Resort.
Mini mart, coffee shop, and bath house at Paradiso Beach Resort.

Paradiso Beach Resort has so many plans for expansion. Right now, a luxury hotel is under construction. And they will be adding more cottages in front of the hotel. All these will be part of a gated area for exclusivity.

I wonder why we never go to explore this resort in the past. But I am glad that we did and would like to promote it. We don’t really have much of these beach resorts around near Bacolod (except those in Sipalay) so I am happy that we have something like this that is just near our city.

More cottages at Paradiso Beach Resort. These are big and comfortable. Great for barkada outings and even family reunions.
About Paradiso Beach Resort
Paradiso Beach Resort is located at Sitio Bulubitu-on, Brgy. Miranda, Hinigaran, Negros Occidental, which is about 49 kilometers from Bacolod City. The resort is quite hidden but just near the highway and they have good roads. You can easily take public transport through the buses plying south. Just tell the “konduktor” that you will get off on the corner going to Paradiso, and then hail tricycles. You can bring food to the resort, as they have several cooking and grilling stations with washing areas provided around the resort. They also have several toilets and baths all over for guests’ convenience. For reservations, call Tel. No. (034)2135422.

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