Fudmaster Health Food Restaurant Tackles Weight and Health Issues

Dindin enjoyed her visit at Fudmaster, located at the entrance of Doctor’s Hospital, Bacolod City.

It is my perception that a big percentage of the Bacolod populace has some sort of health issue. Whether it is unwanted poundage or obesity to lifestyle diseases, the young, the middle-aged, and the golden individuals are affected. And we can attribute these health problems mostly to our lifestyles–eating habits and physical activities (or the lack thereof).

When I went on a low-carb diet many years ago, I realized that one big problem is when you are out and on the go and have no time to prepare your meals. Because I thought about my food intake, I found out that most of the street food, snacks, and even restaurant food that I see are either made up mostly of carbs or just oily stuff that were fried in the same oil that had been re-used countless of times.

Ladies at the counter of Fudmaster. Ask them about health stuff so that you can be on your way to better health!

Fudmaster Health Food Restaurant Opens
Thankfully, a concept snack bar/restaurant opened last June here in Bacolod. Called Fudmaster, you will realize that they have indeed mastered the art and science of healthy eating and cooking. Fudmaster is not only in the business of selling healthy foods, but the owners and operators, too, are proponents of healthy living. Their passion for health has translated into an advocacy to serve not only healthy meals, snacks, and drinks but also to make them attractive, palatable, and also affordable to the local market. Yeah, healthy food (as opposed to the concept that these specialty dishes are gourmet and therefore expensive) can be sustained.

Packed healthy snacks and meals like these are available anytime at Fudmaster. They are delicious and affordable.
My kids are enjoying the healthy slushies at Fudmaster.

Fudmaster Products and Services
They offer healthy sandwiches using only the breads that they make, pastas, meals, juices, and detox drinks on the go. You may also ask them for tailor-made daily meals if you need to watch your caloric intake. They will prepare a daily meal plan for you that includes exciting and delectable dishes that will not make you feel deprived at all while dieting. And the best part is, they can deliver these to your homes or offices every day.

This is where healthy sandwiches are made at Fudmaster.
You can order cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juice combos at Fudmaster.

And if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can take advantage of their nutritional counseling services by resident licensed dietitians. Just ask the friendly staff what they can do for you. Hard to find healthful ingredients like chia seeds, maca powder, and flax seeds may be bought at the store, too.

The chicken siopao in malunggay bun is a bestselling product at Fudmaster. Try it for only P25. They also have healthy breads and dessert bars.
Just know that Fudmaster sells these super foods.

Fudmaster Location
Check out the offerings at Fudmaster and find out what they can do for you to improve your overall health. Visit them from Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm, at the entrance of Doctor’s Hospital, B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City (you wouldn’t miss it). Mobile nos: +639227954669 +639228167178. You may also follow Fudmaster on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fudmaster

The movers behind this health advocacy at Fudmaster: Belende Gonzaga, chef and dietitian Brod Hojilla, and Jonah Gonzaga (L-R).
Ask the resident dietitians at Fudmaster about your diet concerns.

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