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Myra Vita White - Beautiful Inside and Out

New MYRA VitaWhite and VitaSmooth Facial Wash


Myra has long been trusted as a brand that caters to the beauty needs of Filipinas from within. They have the Myra 300E supplement that brings out the best quality skin by feeding the inside. Eventually, they released several other Vitamin E based products that cater to the skin from the outside. I especially love their body lotion—it smells good and deeply moisturizes my skin without being greasy.

Myra products are here to promote beauty inside and out.

Anyway, this year, they launched a new product—the Myra Facial Wash with two variants. These are the Myra VitaWhite Facial Wash for Whitening and the Myra VitaSmooth Facial Wash for a smoother skin. I both love that they are mildly and pleasantly scented and feels good on the skin. They are very affordable, too. The VitaWhite is P75 while the VitaSmooth is P70 per 50ml. But I have only used them for two days so far. Here are the information on the products.

Myra VitaWhite Facial Wash

The Myra VitaWhite Facial Wash deeply cleanses the skin and rids it from dirt and excess oil while acting on naturally whitening the skin in as early as seven days. This is possible because of its Biowhite Complex that is derived from plant extracts, which gently whitens skin. It also has Niacinamide that evens out skin tone by reducing red blotches and makes the skin appear more radiant. Since this is a Myra product, it is enriched with the antioxidant Vitamin E beads that protect and nourish skin to help keep it healthy with a youthful glow. I am especially interested in this because I have uneven skin tone!

Myra VitaSmooth Facial Wash
The Myra VitaSmooth Facial Wash on the other hand has Moisture Plus formula that retains and seals in the skin’s natural moisture, hence keeping it hydrated and more supple. It contains French Spring Sea Water and Aloe Vera Extract to improve the skin’s elasticity and help maintain youthfulness. It is also for deep cleansing while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture. And of course, it has Vitamin E beads. I think this would be food for my mother.

Myra Facial Wash
Thank you for this gift pack.

Watch the newest TV Commercial for Myra Facial Wash featuring Kylie Padilla below!

Note: The author received a gift pack with a special tin can, a towel, Myra VitaWhite Facial Wash, and Myra VitaSmooth Facial Wash. She was not compensated to do this article. This is a feature story more than a review because I was not given ample time to really use this product and give an in-depth review.

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