Bacolod Laundry Shop - Moe's Laundry Lounge

Bacolod Laundry Shop - Moe's Laundry Lounge

Moe’s Laundry Lounge: Bacolod Laundry Shop


Moe’s Laundry Lounge

A new Bacolod laundry shop has just opened around the Brgy. Taculing area. It’s called Moe’s Laundry Lounge, basically because it is nice to lounge around here while waiting for your laundry to be done.

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Bacolod Laundry Shop - Moe's Laundry Lounge
Moe’s Laundry Lounge — the newest and most comfortable laundry shop in Bacolod today.

Bacolod Laundry Trend

Here in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, more and more laundry shops are opening. I think we can attribute this to the fact that it’s kind of hard to find a trustworthy full-time help at home while hiring a laundry women can have a lot of inconveniences. A friend of mine has related the many horror stories she’s had with the laundry woman that has gone through her life, including debts and missing clothes.

Bacolod Laundry Shop - Moe's Laundry Lounge
Blessing and dedication of Moe’s Laundry Lounge.

Since most husbands and wives usually have full-time jobs now, nobody really has the time to keep on doing the laundry. Whatever free time the couple has, they would rather spend it with their children. Single working professionals, too, would not want to spend their days off washing and ironing when there’s so much of the world that they can explore.

Bacolod Laundry Shops

To answer this need, more and more laundry shops are opening here in Bacolod. They offer both self-service and drop-off laundry services. Your laundry gets washed, dried, and folded. These have saved so many Bacolodnons from their laundry woes.

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Thankfully, Bacolod laundry shops are opening in many areas around the city, making it more convenient for people to go to the shop nearest them. The competition now is in the service, and of course, the price.

Moe’s Laundry Lounge

One of the newest players in the laundry industry is Moe’s Laundry Lounge. This Bacolod laundry shop is not just your ordinary wash-dry-fold shop. They have upped the ante by providing a more comfortable place for their patrons — they have created a lounge for their customers’ comfort!

Bacolod Laundry Shop - Moe's Laundry Lounge
The waiting area has provisions for a cafe.

Yes, Moe’s Laundry Lounge lives up to its name. It’s like a cafe style laundry shop where their customers can rest comfortably while waiting for their laundry to be finished. Just look at the clean and cozy interior.

Bacolod Laundry Shop - Moe's Laundry Lounge
This area will be a cafe soon.

Furthermore, Moe’s Laundry Lounge is located in the building beside the new building of the BIR in Brgy. Taculing. If you have business here, you can easily leave your laundry at the shop and do your business at the BIR. When you’re done, with your official affairs, you can just come back and pick up your laundry next door.

Moe’s Laundry Lounge Amenities

As its name suggests, Moe’s Laundry Lounge is a comfortable shop so it’s fully air conditioned and with nice seats. They have seven washers and seven dryers. Washing takes 38 minutes while drying finishes in 40 minutes. If you don’t know what to do, you can always ask the staff for assistance.

Bacolod Laundry Shop - Moe's Laundry Lounge
Moe’s Laundry Lounge has seven washers and dryers.

While waiting, you can sit back and relax in their comfortable lounge with throw pillows while surfing the net. Yes, they have free high-speed internet especially for their clients.

And the nice thing is, Moe’s Laundry Lounge has their own rest room. It’s just very convenient to have your laundry done there with all these amenities.

Bacolod Laundry Shop - Moe's Laundry Lounge
Some of the laundry supplies at Moe’s Laundry Lounge.

So even if there are many laundry shops around the city, Moe’s Laundry Shop has made their place different from the rest with the amenities that they have. Soon, they will be serving refreshments as well.

Helping Bacolod

Young entrepreneurs Sebastian Gayosa and Mo (Justin) Abulaban are the brains behind Moe’s Laundry Lounge. The two young guys both graduated from the Enderun Colleges at McKinley Hill, Taguig in 2017 with a degree in International Hospitality Management.

When they visited Bacolod last year, they immediately saw an opportunity to open a cozy lounge laundry shop. Sebastian, whose family hails from Negros, invited Justin for a short visit, and both had to do their laundry in a self service facility where they had to wait for over an hour along with other customers because there was a shortage machines to use.

Bacolod laundry shop - Moe's laundry shop
Justin and Sebastian during the dedication of Moe’s Laundry Shop here in Bacolod City.

They immediately thought of the idea of doing laundry in a comfortable place where you can actually do more than just stare at the wall while waiting. For them, laundry need not be a chore that you will hate. Thus, came the birth of an entirely different laundry concept — Moe’s Laundry Lounge.

Moe’s Laundry Lounge Prices

Drop Off – P30 per kilo

Minimum of 5 kilos or P150. Clothes are not mixed with other people’s garments for sanitary purposes.

Self Service

Wash – P60.00 / 8 kilos
Dry – P60.00 / 8 kilos

Bacolod Laundry Shop - Moe's Laundry Lounge
Moe’s Laundry Lounge is conveniently located beside the BIR Building.

Moe’s Laundry Lounge

D8 Redkey Building, corner P. Hernaez-Jocson Streets
Taculing, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
(the building beside BIR)

Business hours:
Monday to Friday : 8:00AM to 7:00PM
Saturday, Sunday, Holdays : 8:00AM to 5:00PM

For PICK UP or inquiries, you may call them at
(0925) 850-6449 | (0933) 850-0005 | (034) 445-8894

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19 thoughts on “Moe’s Laundry Lounge: Bacolod Laundry Shop

  1. Oh that is such a cool idea for a Bacolod laundry shop, it looks really modern! It must be such a good way to meet new people too and get chatting to different people in the area! I hope they add a cafe soon, that would be ideal!

  2. We don’t outsource laundry in the part of the United Kingdom where I am from but I can totally see the benefits to doing so. With four children, I spend so much time doing the laundry and it would be nice to free up this time!

  3. I agree that laundry shops are must have nowadays, and it’s great to see that such young boys started the business that solves the problems of many people. Moe’s Laundry Lounge looks very comfortable!

  4. I wish I had this option where I live. You normally have to buy your machine or spend lots of money to go to a building that provides machines.

  5. I miss having my own washer and dryer. Where I live now, I have to visit the laundromat. Having a nice place to relax and surf the internet is a great idea.

  6. More and more people are going outside of the home to do laundry. A lot of apartments don’t come with washing machines or it’s just simply too expensive. It’s nice that Moe’s Laundry Shop has a lounge, sitting around and waiting can be boring but having a fun place to do it definitely helps the experience.

  7. Launderettes are no longer common where I live. There are a few and I like to take blankets and quilts there as they are too big for my washing machine. I also use the clothes dryers sometimes as it more economical.

  8. This is very interesting, laundry can be a daunting task, glad they have a somehow nice and relaxing place to get laundry done.

  9. Nice!. That’s a good thing to have in Bacolod City. Moe’s Laundry Lounge is very convenient especially to those students that are in dorms. And the place is stylish too. I hope it has WI-FI while you wait 🙂

  10. I used to go to the laundrette when I was a kid and my mother used to drag my brother and I to go and wash our duvets. I haven’t been back since, but it is something I should do to freshen up duvets.

  11. I live in a university town, where young students who need a laundry shop are so many. considering that they are places where people must wait and stay for a white it would be great to try to turn them in working-meeting-amusement places too.

  12. I know we have laundry shops here in the states but they don’t seem to be anything like this. It looks clean and relaxed. Somewhere I could pull up a chair and enjoy doing some things for a while.

  13. I love laundry shops! it’s so useful and handy! i wish we had such where I live but instead we had to maintain costly washing machines at home

  14. It’s awesome to know that you guys now have this type of establishment to make laundry so much easier for people! I think it’s really cool and it will definitely save you time and money!

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