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Merkado Bacolod Serves Slow Cooked Organic Dishes


There came a period in our recent history when fast is best. So everything, including food, should be served fast, otherwise, you will lose the race.

But now, people have lived long enough to realize the serious consequences of the partaking of fast food a.k.a. junk food regularly. So in the past couple of years, we have been seeing a rediscovery of the old way of preparing food–slow cooking of organic and natural ingredients or just eating them raw. As much as we can, we are trying to go back to the practice of farm to table lifestyle as much as we can.

Merkado Bacood restaurant
Beef curry served with black rice — a must-try at Merkado.

At Merkado ni Maria Cafe, a relatively new player in the restaurant industry of Bacolod, we are seeing an embodiment of this quality food advocacy. They serve slow cooked, all natural, organic dishes painstakingly made using only the freshest, certified organic ingredients sourced all around the province of Negros Occidental.

The food at Merkado is delicious and were made without shortcuts. So do not expect fast food prices here. But the prices are not exorbitant, just reasonable for the quality of the ingredients and the tedious process with which they were prepared. They are served in a no-nonsense way–presentable but there’s nothing fanciful to them. Just natural goodness with every bite.

Merkado ni Maria Cafe–a Bacolod home grown restaurant specializing in natural organic dishes. Visit them at the Art District, Mandalagan, Bacolod City. #Bacolodeats

Merkado organic restaurant
The comfortable interiors of Merkado features a lot of wooden fixtures. They write their messages and menu on blackboards. So homey. #Bacolodeats

Merkado organic restaurant Bacolod
Messages like these get you think about the things you put in your mouth. Only at Merkado.

When you go to Merkado, you will appreciate the laid back ambiance of this comfortably air conditioned cafe. It seems that dining here serves not only to nourish the body but also the soul. You can also buy some organic products here, like fruits, fresh native eggs, virgin coconut oil, and the like, which were sourced from different suppliers.

Merkado ni Maria Cafe
Art District, Mandalagan
Bacolod City
Open daily from 6am to 10pm
Merkado on Facebook:

At Merkado, I truly enjoyed their dishes because they are delicious as well as healthy. Your palate and tummy are satisfied while your mind is at ease that you are only getting the finest fresh dishes. For only, Merkado only serves seafood, beef, and chicken dishes because they have not yet found a regular source of organic pork.

Below you will find photos of the dishes we tried and enjoyed. There are prices, too, so you have an idea. A single order is enough for one person, truly satisfying. They have their own drinks and don’t expect to find soda here. And don’t miss their desserts, too, especially the creme brulee–the classic French dessert with a Negrense twist. You gotta try it.

All-Day Breakfast

Merkado organic breakfast
Pancakes made from scratch and flavored with butter and maple syrup. Served with papaya. P95. And oh, they call this Pan Kick. hehe
beef tapa at Merkado organic restaurant
The classic breakfast favorite, beef tapa served with organic white rice and papaya. P160.

Lunch and Dinner

Merkado organic restaurant
Prito nga bangrus served with egg, brown rice, and papaya. A complete, healthy meal at Merkado. P115.
Merkado organic restaurant Bacolod
Baked bangus belly served with organic white rice and squash soup. This is a specialty of the house, a bestseller, and rightfully so. The price varies depending on how big the bangus belly is on a particular order. I really want to replicate this at home.
Merkado organic restaurant beef curry
Beef curry with black rice. P180. If you are a beef lover, please don’t miss this. Beef is tender and flavorful and it’s all beef in there. No bones, so the serving is ample.
organic kare kare at Merkado
Beef kare kare is P190, for sharing. We were told that multi-awarded chef Gaita Fores said that she really liked this version. Only at Merkado.
Merkado organic restaurant chicken galantina
Chicken galantina served with black rice, egg, and papaya. P175. So good!

Appetizers, Snacks, Dessert, and Drinks

Merkado organic burger
For snacks, they there cheeseburger–an all-beef grilled burger sandwiched in organic wheat buns and served with crunchy camote chips. P195 for one burger.
organic salad at merkado
J’s Green Salad. Who can resist this plate full of colorful goodness! This is the first garden salad I have encountered that includes grilled eggplants and it’s just sooo good! Served with calamansi vinaigrette. P220. Good for sharing up to 3 pax.
Merkado organic dessert
Calamansi squares–a sweet sour dessert at Merkado.
Merkado creme brulee
Creme brulee–the classic French dessert with a Negrense twist. I will not tell you what it is, you gotta try it for yourself. But it is made creamier and oh-so-tastier!
iced coffee at merkado
Calamansi slush , BaNanANana Smoothie, and Iced coffee by Merkado. All so good, all so natural and refreshing. If you are a coffee lover, don’t miss their iced coffee. Not only is it refreshing, it tastes good, and packs a strong punch. I don’t regularly drink coffee anymore so a few sips from a jar made me sleep early…the next day. haha They use Kanlaon coffee for this, P115.
camote chips Merkado organic restaurant
These are sooo good actually. Camote chips made from fresh sweet potatoes. P45.
organic appetizers
Pica picks appetizer or pang-snack, lumpia prito and chicken fingers served with their organic homemade chili sauce that’s so good but we cannot buy it yet because it will only last for a week even when refrigerated.


organic spaghetti
Organic spaghetti with fresh tomatoes. This is sooo good! P175. Very filling order for one. Can be shared with another person if you order maybe a burger for sharing.
organic spaghetti
Spaghetti with clams. P195. A variant of the previous pasta dish.


merkado pochero
The classic pochero with achuete. P190 for sharing. If you order other dishes, the soup can be shared by 3-4 pax. They also have a seafood soup as well as the regular fish tinola.
organic products
Organic products available at Merkado.

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