maxclinic Cirmage lifting stick, anti aging stick

maxclinic Cirmage lifting stick, anti aging stick

Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick Removes Years Off Your Face Instantly


Korean beauty product
Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick
is the easy solution to
signs of aging.

The Maxclini Cirmage Lifting Stick is now available in Bacolod.
The Maxclini Cirmage Lifting Stick is now available in Bacolod.

As they say, we cannot turn back time but we can revert the effects of aging especially on our skin. For hundreds of years, people tried different means to correct signs of aging, And now, here in Bacolod, we have within our reach a special anti aging products that can instantly revert years of wear and tear off our age. Introducing the Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick, a product that was launched last October 29, 2016 here in Bacolod at the Miyabi Beauty Hub, located at the ground floor, VSB Bldg., 6th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City.

Miyabi Beauty Hub
Miyabi Beauty Hub is located at the ground floor of VSB Bldg., 6th-Lacson Sts., Bacolod City.

Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick

Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick looks like a deodorant stick with a special shape that can fit the different contours of the face. It is good to use if your skin is sagging, lacks radiance because of insufficient nutrients, is rough, and needs more elasticity. This is also perfect for those who just want to obtain the facial meridian massage that are given by spa professionals.

During the launch here in Bacolod, make up artist Miss Erl Burgos showed us how to use the Cirmage properly. She demonstrated the use of the product on her mother, Beging Burgos, who is 59 years old and is already having “falling” skin. We were amazed at the results. About three to four strokes on each area indicated of the face and neck just transformed our model’s look that afternoon. And the finish is that she looked like she applied foundation. We found it awesome because we saw it with our own eyes–the model’s skin.

Cirmage Lifting Stick
Miss Erl Burgos of Miss Erl Make Over explains the advantages of using Cirmage Lifting Stick during the product launch here in Bacolod.
Cirmage Lifting Stick
Miss Erl says to always start from the neck, and always from the bottom going up.
Cirmage Lifting Stick
Here I am trying out the product for myself. But I have to practice the application and apply more “force for the product to take effect. And I have yet to do my whole face.

In Bacolod, the Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick is available at Miyabi Beauty Hub for P2,000. With daily use, the stick can last anywhere from two to three months. I was told that if the stick is used regularly, avid users notice that after a week, the skin’s condition will visibly improve, so its effects are no longer just cosmetic. It is also available at the ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant, 12th-Lacson Sts., Bacolod City.

What Cirmage Corrects

Cirmage Lifting Stick is effective in improving hairline area elasticity, eye area lifting, facial area lifting, below chin (double chin) skin tightening, skin’s curve lines, skin’s blood circulation, helps with anti-aging, skin tightening, eyelid elasticity, loose-cheek tightening, lip area lifting, and neck area elasticity.

The Cirmage Lifting Stick contains 17 types of peptides (pepta-rich complex™) –puling thread component and holding fixer component that makes skin healthier and more supple. It also has four types of collagen Vitamins that activates collagen in the skin, making the skin more elastic and look radiantm, and Niacinamide, which has wrinkle-reducing effects. It also makes the skin more hydrated. It feels like in a wax form so if you apply it around the area, you could not help but cover your brows. It is effective in keeping the brows in place.

Here’s the demo video from the makers:

How To Use Cirmage Lifting Stick

After cleaning your skin, apply the stick directly onto the neck and face, making sure that you are using upward strokes. For more effective results, apply side B, and C onto neck, jaw, cheek areas, and side A onto eye, forehead areas. Make sure that you roll the button so that about 1cm of the stick is out for your application.
1 .GUA SHA SIDE B neck, jaw line, cheeks
2. FOR ACUPRESSURE THERAPY nose tip, temples, lymph area behind ears
3. GUA SHA SIDE C neck, jaw line, cheeks (For high pressure)
4. GUA SHA SIDE A eye area

Gua Sha facial massage with Cirmage Lifting Stick
Gua Sha facial massage with Cirmage Lifting Stick
How to use the Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick, anti aging
How to use the Maxclinic Cirmage Lifting Stick
anti aging, Cirmage Lifting Stick
Strokes that you can follow in order to maximize the effect of the Cirmage Lifting Stick.

Miyabi Beauty Hub sells authentic Korean and Japanese beauty products. They cater to clients outside Bacolod but shipping fee will be shouldered by the buyer. Beauty enthusiasts would surely love it here. At Miyabi, the Cirmage is available at P2,000.

Miyabi Beauty Hub
Ground Floor, VSB Bldg., 6th-Lacson Sts.
Bacolod City
Open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm

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