Mango Festival 2016 at SM City Bacolod

Mango Festival
The Mango Festival is open until April 17, 2016 at the SM City Bacolod north wring atrium.

From April 11 to 17, 2016, mall goers are in for a treat as Sabor Ilonggo presents the Mango Festival. Located at the atrium of the SM City Bacolod North Wing, the Mango Festival aims to promote the luscious and sweet mangoes of Guimaras Island as well as other mango-based or mango-flavored food products. Yes, this is all about the sweet golden fruit of the south so we might as well label the entire event as “Mango Overload.” I think the only things missing there are mango seedlings and fertilizers! haha

Mango Festival
At the Mango Festival, they have this bahay kubo with a miniature mango tree set-up where mangoes are hanging by the branches, reminiscent of a Filipino countryside home. If we were not always in a hurry, I would let my daughter linger around.

On the first day, the Guimaras mangoes were still green but you can see that they are already very mature. So on the second day when I came back, they were already turning yellow. They are selling for P110 per kilo.

Guimaras mango
Baskets of Guimaras mangoes at the festival. They sell of P110 a kilo.

Other products are mango tarts and chews from Virgies’s and Merzci Pasalubong of Bacolod, mango puree, candies, mango piaya from Guimaras, and mango products made by the famous Trappist monks of Guimaras. And oh, there’s even bagoong (salted shrimp paste), which is a perfect dip for unripe mangoes. Below are photos at the festival:

Guimaras mango
Enjoy buying your Guimaras mangoes from this bahay kubo at the Mango Festival.
Mango products
Mango puree, jam, tarts, piaya, barquillos, and many others are available at the festival. This is mango lovers’ heaven!
mangga at bagoong
Do you like eating the sour unripe mangoes? Then you have the perfect partner right here–bagoong!
Mango products
Other mango products available at the festival. Open until April 17.

Visit the Mango Festival at the SM City Bacolod north wing atrium during mall hours. It is also nice to have photo ops there because they set up the place very well. My daughter had a fun time going around the exhibit. I really appreciate events like these at SM City Bacolod.

Guimaras Mangoes
Mango arc! Enter here to check out the exhibits at the Mango Festival.

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