Man of Steel at the iMAX

Hubby wore a Superman shirt when he watched Man of Steel at the IMAX Theatre at the MOA. teehee

Hubby got his wish to be able to watch the Man of Steel at the IMAX. Too bad that I couldn’t go with him to support his movie fetish, but at least I was able to arrange that he could watch it with my brother at the Mall of Asia (MOA).

Well, it is not always that he is in Manila and it was just timely that when he was there for a business trip, the Man of Steel was showing at the IMAX Theater. I didn’t have the heart not to let him go after all, he was a Superman fan even before he met me. So he just had to catch this even if I wasn’t with him.

And hubby was sooooo happy. He was so satisfied with the picture and sound quality of his IMAX experience. This was also his first time, as he would not not shell out good money to go to IMAX for just any other movie. It had to be something special, like a Superman film. At least he got his wish.

Too bad though that when he came back, I am already put on house arrest so I would just have to miss this one. I will watch it at home with him when a DVD copy is already available. But I am already happy that hubby is happy.

A Man of Steel poster. Photo from the internet.

It all seems very exciting and I think that Henry Cavill is perfect for the Superman role. He looks a lot like Christopher Reeve, perhaps the most famous Superman actor, but he is more charming…more charismatic.

And Amy Adams, I also think that she is the perfect Lois Lane with her bright doe eyes. Well, I have yet to watch it because I have to wait for hubby to come home from Manila. That would be the time for me to watch it. Or maybe, I should just let him write a review for this blog, no? LOL

Anyway, proof of the popularity of this iconic movie, it opened with a gross sales of $125 million! Whoa! Rory Bruer, Sony’s president of worldwide distribution, says, “I believe we’ve absolutely proven that. To have this amount of money in the bank with its cost of production, good reviews, and word of mouth really puts our feet on solid ground.” Nice!

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