krispy kreme-doughnuts

krispy kreme-doughnuts

Krispy Kreme is Coming to Bacolod on December 6


My love affair with Krispy Kreme started about 12 years ago when I first tried it in the US. When they opened here in the Philippines, I would get to eat some of them whenever somebody comes home to Bacolod. So when I learned that they are opening shop here, I got excited.

Today, we got invited to a blogger event for Krispy Kreme. I really thought that they were opening today when I got the invitation. Sorry, I was mistaken. Consider this a sneak peek–and a sweet one at that.

The Original Glazed Doughnuts by Krispy Kreme.

Here are the details:

Krispy Kreme Bacolod opening – December 6, 2014
Opening Day Promo – Golden Ticket
Krispy Kreme Golden Ticket mechanics:
Golden Ticket: Be the first to line up and make a purchase at the branch and you get certificate for a one-year supply of donuts and an 8-oz signature blend. We were told that the doughnuts and coffee will be provided weekly. That is a lot! No wonder so many people are willing to camp out and wait for opening day! So who is it going to be here in Bacolod? 😀

Silver Ticket: The second person, meanwhile get a six-month supply both of the doughnuts and coffee. Still pretty good. 😀

Bronze Ticket: The third person in line gets a three-month supply also of the doughnuts and coffee. 😀

Fourth to 100th: The runners-up would be the number 4 to the 100th customer during opening day. Each one will get a month’s supply of doughnuts and coffee.

Ariane Valinton, Marketing Manager of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, told us that the earliest queue for a provincial opening is a two-night camp out at the mall for the Golden Ticket. We wonder how early would the doughnut lovers of Bacolod line up for the Krispy Kreme opening here? hihi

Two boxes for a dozen doughnuts with a handle–the easy way to carry your Krispy Kreme.

Valinton also revealed that the Bacolod branch is going to be a factory store where people will get to see their beloved doughnuts being made from start to finish. When the doughnuts are ready, their famous signature red hot neon sign will light up to let people know that they can already get their share straight from the oven.  Nice! Bacolodnons will get to experience the Krispy Kreme factory operation.

Now on its eighth year in the Philippines, Krispy Kreme Bacolod is the 60th branch here in the country. They will open at the ground floor of the SM City Bacolod North Wing expansion.

Krispy Kreme website:
Krispy Kreme Official Facebook page:

Bloggers at the Krispy Kreme event held at Max’s Restaurant.
Our family at the Krispy Kreme blogger event.
My daughter Shane with Krispy kreme’s Ariane Valinton and Nadia Shami.

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  1. Wohooooooo..Krispy Kreme bacolod…visayas KK hype..gonna be ready with the tent..see u during the looooooooong line up!

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