Mother and Daughter Bonding + Girl Talk at Beauty & Butter Nails, Face, Art


When I was still single, I had my share of trips to the salon for mani-pedi sessions. But when I started having kids, I can only count with the fingers in one hand the number of times I had my nails done by a pro in the last seven years!

Sheer luxury at Beauty & Butter.
Pretty Dindin with her pink floral nail art. They use Zoya nail polish for children–an organic brand that contains no harmful chemicals. It is even safe for use for pregnant women.

So when we were invited to a pampering session at Beauty & Butter, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. And this time, I wasn’t by myself anymore–I had Dindin with me. And it will not be long before it will be the three of us who will have our girl time at the salon. haha

Negros bloggers getting a pampering at Beauty & Butter.

What is Beauty & Butter?
Beauty & Butter is a place of luxury where you get the utmost pampering for your nails, face, and body. But their focus is primarily on the nails because they have a wide assortment of colors and different kinds of polishes. Their staff, called buttercups, are well-trained nail technicians who have extensive experience in the realm of nail care.

Dindin had mani-pedi nail art. She got tender, loving care from Buttercup Lyn.
This is a rare occasion that I get a pampering so I made sure that it was documented. hihi I have to admit that it feels good.

Advantages of Beauty & Butter
Aside from their collection of premium nail polish brands and colors, Beauty & Butter also prides itself with sanitation. Their nail care equipment undergo a medical grade sanitation process to make sure that they are not just free from dirt, they only don’t harbor microscopic germs. After sterilization, these are then individually-wrapped and opened in front of the customer when ready to be used. The buffers and the nail files, however, are a different story. They are thrown away after every use. You cannot find this service anywhere.

Beauty & Butter is for Everyone
While the premier nail salon has identified their target market from ages 15 to 35, they have found out that the clients that frequent their stores are as diverse as their nail color palette. Indeed, nail spa-ing is for everyone who wants not just pretty nails, but a salon that they can trust to take care of their pampered pinkies and also be comfortable with hanging around. Not all salons afford your the same comfort.

Product display. These are the products that they use for their services. But you can also purchase them so that you can use them at home.
Nail polish buffet of colors!

A Colorful World
Beauty & Butter is the the nail spa that is also celebrating pop art design, as evidenced by the bright colors of their store. They carry several brands of premier nail polish in different colors that it is like having a nail polish buffet in there. They have built-in sinks for washing your feet–and that’s cool! And oh, their nail technicians are called buttercups, and they are well-trained to give you the utmost pampering.

Mother and daughter bonding over nail art at Beauty & Butter.
Our matching nail art. Never mind my hands. haha

My daughter and I went there for a mother-and-daughter bonding with Negrense-blogger friends. Dindin had a mani-pedi nail art while I was treated to a foot spa with mani-pedi service. I opted for the Orly Gel FX, just so I could try it. I was told that among the nail spas around, they provide the cheapest gel service.

The gel nail polish took very tedious work on the buttercup. I counted about 8 layers in all plus two wipe-offs to remove the sheen so that they can apply another layer. In between, the nails had to be dried for two minutes using a UV lamp. I think the whole routine of the foot spa and the pedicure alone took 3.5 hours. My nail art manicure took about 30 minutes. Yeah, that is how long and tedious the gel nail polish can be. I asked what are the advantages of having gel nail polish. I was told that it stays new and glossy even after two weeks. Depending on how you take care of your nails, it can last you up to three weeks. But then you will have to have it removed after that time so that your nails can breathe. You will need to go back to the salon to have your polish removed because it will not be erased with regular acetone. Interesting.

My foot spa and Orly Gel FX pedicure.

And that my friends is the longest time that I stayed in a salon. haha But well, it was nice bonding with my daughter and having girl talk with girl friend, Dhadha, a fellow blogger.

From left: Bacolod beauty and fashion blogger Dhadha Garcia, Beauty & Butter Bacolod branch officer Alex Alegarbis, Beauty & Butter Marketing Manager Nika Evangelista, Dindin, and Sigrid.
You can also opt to have facials at Beauty & Butter.
The entrance to Beauty & Butter haven at the 3rd floor of SM City Bacolod north wing.

So if you are looking for place that you can trust with you nails, visit the Beauty & Butter in Bacolod. It is located at the third floor, SM City Bacolod North Wing Expansion.
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Instagram: beautynbutter
Twitter: @beautynbutter

2 thoughts on “Mother and Daughter Bonding + Girl Talk at Beauty & Butter Nails, Face, Art

  1. Perfectly groomed nails, one of my pet peeves, I can’t stand seeing my nails not being perfectly groomed!😁 You’ll catch me with unruly hair, mismatched socks, barefaced even, but never ever with disgusting nails. Haha!😁

    Even when I had children, I’d drag them to the nail salon on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule and they’d sit there and wait for me.😁

    I know how to do it on my own now, so I don’t visit the nail salon that often, only when I feel lazy then I get it done in a nail spa, which we have loads of in Baguio. People love getting their nails done over here.😁

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