grilling yakiniku

grilling yakiniku

Korean Buffet with Gogigui at ShabuNiku Bacolod for MassKara Festival


ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant in Bacolod

An eat-all-you can Korean buffet for P499 should be here to stay. Only at ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant – a homegrown Bacolod restaurant.

ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant
Grilling different meats and seafood at ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant.

Eat-All-You Can Korean Buffet

For the highlight of the MassKara Festival 2016 here in Bacolod City, ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant held a successful three-day eat-all-you can buffet that included grilled meats for only P499 from October 21 to 23 only.

Bacolod Korean restaurant - ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant
Here are the meats that we chose from, including some seasoned chicken meat and fresh shrimps.
Bacolod Korean restaurant - ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant
They have included some vegetables for samgyeopsal. And of course, kimchee.

From 6pm to 10pm, diners were free to refill their plates and grills from the sumptuous offering that including Korean cuisine favorites like Japchae, Beef Galbe, Korean crispy fried chicken (Dakgangjeong), kimbob, shrimp tempura, and of course a slew of different meats and vegetables for the grill.

korean tempura - ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant  -Bacolod restaurants
Korean fried shrimp.

The owner does not scrimp on the food. There was a steady flow of cooked food and the meats for the barbecue. You will definitely get your money’s worth here.

Kimbob at Bacolod Korean Restaurant - ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant

This foodie event is really for lovers of Korean cuisine. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

beef galbe, Bacolod Korean restaurant - ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant
The tender beef galbe

I really don’t have tips for you to enjoy everything that ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant. Except perhaps to get small samples of everything so you get to try their tasty cooking. And keep cooking and eating the barbecue. Enjoy the food and not the picture taking.

Bacolod Korean restaurant - ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant

Especially for For Meat Lovers

Since both hubby and I enjoy eating barbecued meats, we thought it best to have this as our advanced date for his birthday. We left the house early so that we won’t have to brave the madness of people at the Lacson Tourism Strip who are there for the MassKara Festival festivities. We got there earlier than 6pm and the chef and his staff were still setting up.

Bacolod Korean restaurant - ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant
ShabuNiku is a comfortable and spacious restaurant with these metal tubes hanging from the ceiling. These are air hoses to vacuum the smoke from the grill away from the diners.

But our trip was worth it.

We stayed at ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant for about two hours, spending more than an hour eating and grilling. Included in the buffet was iced tea for drinks, but we weren’t quite satisfied with just iced tea, especially that we had a heavy meal of meats and noodles so we ordered Coke, which was an additional order. They do have a 5% service charge.

Bacolod Korean restaurant -ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant
So many more diners came and went satisfied for the first night of the buffet. I took this photo very early.

The buffet was a try out of sorts and since it was successful, we may see more of it in the coming months, maybe as a regular weekend feature at ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant.

ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant

2nd Floor, Bank of Commerce Bldg.
12th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Tel. No. (034) 435 1085

Bacolod Korean restaurant - ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant
Hubby picks some some meats for our grill
Bacolod Korean restaurant - ShabuNiku Korean Restaurant
Hubby and I for our date at ShabuNiku.

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