Kinds of Men’s Wallets


There are so many kinds of men’s wallets and men buy them depending on their needs. Sometimes, it depends upon their age, interests, or occupations. These are some of the wallets that I have noticed my husband has used over the years–from the time we were dating many years ago until now.

Tri-Fold Wallet with Velco Fastener
When we started going out, hubby used this kind of wallet. He usually wore jeans to where he worked so he didn’t feel the need for a dressier wallet. I never minded that. It was part of his rugged get up. And well, he was just out of college and just passed the engineering board exam and so that was his first job. As long as it keeps his stuff secure, why not?

The velcro tri-fold wallet from Zalora.

Bi-fold Wallet
As men mature, so do their taste in men’s wallets. Many would go for the bi-fold wallet made of pure leather or synthetic leather, whichever they can afford. These are much dressier and can fit well in dress pants. Plus, they do not make the skrish sound when you part the velcro to open the wallet.

A couple of bi-fold wallets in different colors and made of different materials from Zalora.

Coin Purse
The problem with the bi-fold wallet is that most of them do not have room for coins. And in order not to keep his pants pockets heavy with the metals, he puts them coin purses. Many men do that. It’s easier to pay when the cashier asks for loose coins and when they reach home, the owners can just dump the extra coins on their desks.

A sleek black coin purse by Zalora.

Long Wallet
My husband never got to this, however, I have seen so many yuppies use this, especially the ones I see in cafes. I that is because they have many cards in there–credit cards, ATM cards, membership cards, and government-issued IDs. They have a lot already by this and so they need a wallet where they can place all of these and take them out at the same time when needed. It also helps not to displace them. The problem with this wallet is that it could not fit in regular sized back pockets, unless you wear cargo pants and you put them in leg pockets, which do not really match. Most men would put them in the bags that they carry, like body bags and sling bags, when they go to work. However, I have seen a young man at the mall putting it in his back pocket and so half the wallet sticks out. Man, he is such a prey for snatchers.

A black long wallet with clasp by popular brand Hickok available at Zalora.

Aluma Wallet
I am not sure how this is called, but this wallet is made of aluminum. It is supposed to protect your cards from getting your identity scanned and stolen while at the same time giving you the organization and space that you need. Hubby uses this along with his bi-fold wallet so that he can put the cards together and arrange credit cards according to cut off dates.

Different colored aluma wallets for men and women. Photo from the internet.

There are many kinds of wallets out there. ZALORA offers a wide variety of men’s wallets to choose from. You just have to decide what kind, what material, and what use you have for it. And of course, there is the question about budget. Remember, not all wallets were made the same. So choose wisely.

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