Keana Reeves for Meganox super antioxidant

Keana Reeves for Meganox super antioxidant

Keana Reeves is Meganox Celebrity Endorser


Keana Reeves for Meganox

Meganox Keana Reeves
Keana Reeves at Delicioso here in Bacolod with Marlowe and Ina Cortez and representatives of Meganox. Photo by C2y Tano Multimedia.

Funny actress Keana Reeves was tapped by Meganox Antioxidant to become their celebrity endorser. They held their contract signing last July 15, 2016 here in Bacolod City at Delicioso Restaurant over a sumptuous lunch attended by members of the media and blogging community.

Meganox is a very rich and very powerful antioxidant that’s made from the part of the sugarcane that is already considered a wastage when making sugar. It is produced at the Sagay Sugar Central in Negros Occidental, Philippines from a technology that they got from Hawaii. According to a study, the antioxidants derived from sugarcane are much more powerful than the xanthones found in mangosteen.

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Meganox antioxidant
Keana Reeves during the contract signing with Meganox. Photo by C2y Tano Multimedia.

Keana Reeves is the Perfect Endorser

Keana Reeves is popular for her antics and her appearance in the Pinoy Big Brother House where she came out as the big winner. But aside from that, she is also notorious for her “sexcapades”, which she openly admitted on a national interview. But as with all things, years pass us by and we age. Keana, who is nearing 50, said that her energy, health, and immunity are waning.

She got to try Meganox last May while on the campaign trail and she found out that it was good for her. Taking Meganox once a day in the morning, she felt energetic and despite their activities, she didn’t get sick or too tired. When I asked her how she felt after taking Meganox, she beams, “I feel HOT!”, in the typical Keana fashion.

Where is Meganox Available?

Meganox is available at all Negros Grace Pharmacy outlets and at their booth at the ground floor, 888 Chinatown Premier Mall in Bacolod City. They are still finalizing their requirements so that Mercury Drug can carry Meganox all around the country. It sells for P12 per capsule.

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