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Juana Exclusive Labels at Perfect Match Boutique Bacolod



Stylish and classic apparel by
Juana Exclusive Labels available at
Perfect Match Boutique Bacolod

Juana Exclusive Labels in Bacolod at Perfect Match Boutique
Juana Exclusive Labels are available in Bacolod at Perfect Match Boutique, located at Plaza Mart, San Juan Street, Bacolod City.

The working woman knows what she wants – stylish clothes that are comfortable, look good on her, cost reasonably, and don’t go out of style very fast. And one clothing line is delivering exactly just that – Juana Exclusive Labels. Bacolod women will be very happy with this news.

Juana Exclusive Labels

At Perfect Match Boutique, located at Plaza Mart, San Juan Street (across Sea Breeze Hotel), Bacolod City, they have an extensive collection of Juana Exclusive Labels. With a price range of P480 to P720 both for tops and dresses, you will surely find something for office or executive wear, or what we call as smart casuals, that will not dent your budget. They have limited stocks for each kind, so you don’t have so many other ladies wearing them out on the streets. But they do carry sizes from Medium to XL, so slim young ladies and the endowed set have something to fit them. If you don’t have anything you like this week, don’t worry because they have new stocks arriving almost every two weeks.

Juana Exclusive Labels Bacolod at Perfect Match Boutique
Some of the affordable Juana Exclusive Labels on display at Perfect Match Boutique.

Juana apparel is very popular in Manila—a proudly Pinoy brand of quality clothing. What’s nice about Juana apparel is that these clothes are made from good quality fabrics and the craftsmanship is really of good. The stitching is neat—close together and no stray threads hanging around the garment. These are well-pressed when displayed at the store as well. The designs, too, are classic and will remain stylish even after many years. The lines and shapes are also very neat. Lady teachers, doctors, lawyers, executives, and even moms like me will truly find their style here. I got several tops from here and I am so happy with my new outfits. I can wear them in corporate events that I cover as a blogger.

Aside from Juana, Perfect Match also carries another classic line of tops called Option. I got one a floral cotton top with ¾ sleeves and it’s just perfect for my mommy style. So comfortable and great for business casual events.

Juana Exclusive Labels Bacolod at Perfect Match
Juana apparel at Perfect Match gets updated regularly.

Smocking Dresses for Little Girls

If you think that Perfect Match is only about ladies, mommy shoppers will be happy to note that they also have so many nice dresses and casual clothes for little girls. One of the highlights is their array of comfortable smocking dresses for girls who are ages two to five years old. These are colourful and playful and are made of soft, comfortable fabrics that wouldn’t hurt your little girls’ sensitive skin. Smocking dresses are also value for money because they are expandable–the kids can get taller and these dresses can still fit on the bodice especially of slender kids like mine. These can then be easily paired with plain shorts, leggings, or jeans and they are still functional and stylish.

Smocking dresses for kids at Perfect Match Boutique Bacolod
Smocking dresses for little girls–so cute, functional, and colorful! Spells fun for kids!
Perfect Match Boutique Bacolod
Clothes for women, men, and little girls.

Bags and Accessories

Perfect Match also has good quality fashionable bags and accessories to complete any lady’s stylish ensemble. They are easy on the budget, too, so no worries.

Lay Away Plans

Aside from giving you fashion that’s value for money, Perfect Match still makes it easier for shoppers who want to be stylish all year round. That is because their affordable items may also be purchased through lay away. You can just pay a minimal down payment upfront then you can complete the payments within 30 days so that you can already get your item. This plan is especially handy if you find something really nice at the store and you don’t have enough cash for it at the moment.

Perfect Match Boutique Bacolod at Plaza Mart
Perfect Match Boutique at Plaza Mart here in Bacolod

Perfect Match

Ground Floor, Plaza Mart
San Juan Street (across Sea Breeze Hotel)
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Open from Mon to Sat
10am to 7pm

Juana Exclusive Labels Bacolod at Perfect Match Boutique
Instagram na here at Perfect Match Boutique.


Perfect Match Boutique at Plaza Mart
Perfect Match Boutique at Plaza Mart, San Juan Street. This is just right across Sea Breeze Hotel.


  1. Nice one! I also have the same passion as yours but unfortunately never had any chance to pursue it at the moment. Cheers to your achievement! PS. I love that lay away idea.

  2. Wow, this store offers layaway plans for clothes! That’s the first time I’m hearing about something like that. For sure, a lot of women in a tight budget will appreciate this.

  3. I love that they have limited stocks per style as for you to ne unique 😊 Will check this when I come back to Bacolod 😊

    1. Yeah. So dyahe if you see someone with the same clothes at a restaurant. Bacolod is a small city pa naman hihi

  4. A layaway plan for clothes? That is too friendly approached to customers. But if it works well then that’s awesome.

  5. We have a Juana boutique in Baguio as well but I don’t know if this is the same one! 😛 but it looks like it hehe

    I love shopping there because it’s so affordable and the choices are so nice 😁

    I’ll research and find out if this one and the one here in Baguio are the same 😊

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